Book Review: The Silent Patient

Let me start this review off by saying when I finished this book I threw it across the room.  This review is going to be one of unpopular opinion, fair warning.

This is a quick read.  A woman is found guilty of killing her husband, but, instead of being in jail, she’s in a psychiatric hospital.  Why?  Ever since she killed him she has not spoken, she’s been silent.  Enter Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist who has been obsessed with Alicia ever since her case gained media attention.  He gets a job at her care facility with the intention of getting her to talk once again.  And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED.  He tracks down people that knew her and question them like he’s a detective, it gets a little bizarre.

This was a weird one guys.  I read it and completed the book in just a few days, however, I never felt that into it.  It was enough for me to read it, but, it wasn’t a heart racing, can’t turn the the page fast enough thriller for me.  It felt like a mystery with some messed up characters.

Unreliable narrator.  Without giving much away this is all I will say on that.

The twist?  I cursed out loud.  It was a huge shock and from that point on I picked up my reading speed.  The end?  I cursed again.  By now you should know I love a solid ending…the author tells us, x happened.  This one I felt was open too much.  Reflecting upon the ending maybe the author plans on writing a sequel because you certainly could.  Without giving too much away once again, there are a few characters in here who are batshat crazy.  You could write an entire novel based off of where it leaves us.  If you have read this one, you’ll understand…and you’ll also understand why I threw the book BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED!

3 star read for me.  It wasn’t pulling me in from the get go, it was alright.  It is an easy read.  The book is separated into 4 parts which I feel is a little unnecessary as it all flowed continuously with flashbacks to what happened to before the murder courtesy of Alicia’s diary.  This reminds me of when I read another book and described it to someone saying, “I read it and I wanted to read it, but, it just fell flat and was not that interesting.  It doesn’t make sense I know, but, it was just a weird read.”  And when they read the book they told me the exact same thing, haha.

Have you read this?  Have this on your list?  I know everyone is raving about it right now, but, I just can’t get in to the hype.  Have you read a book like this where all you see are rave reviews and you’re like, what?????


Title: The Silent Patient

Author:  Alex Michaelides

Publisher: Celadon Books

Release Date: Expected February 5, 2019

ISBN-10: 1250301696

Amazon //\\ Goodreads

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