Book Review: The Beach House

I am not sure if you know this or not but last summer I decided to read The Kissing Booth and then watch the movie on Netflix during a family trek to Europe.  I was not a huge fan of the book until I watched the movie…odd, right?  Well, Netflix just announced they are creating a sequel to The Kissing Booth so when I investigated and saw that Elle and Noah still had some romance going, I had to check it out!  I downloaded the Wattpad app and got to reading!

You really have to read The Kissing Booth first to fully get this novella.  It is a short story that highlights the annual trip to Lee & Noah’s beach house the summer before Noah leaves.  (Quick background if you haven’t read The Kissing Booth: Noah is Lee’s older brother and Elle’s boyfriend.  Lee is Elle’s best friend.)  Will this be where the movie takes us?  A summer break?  Who knows.  Even though I was not a huge fan of how they changed Elle in the movie. I still have to check it out.  Maybe Netflix will redeem themselves with me in this soon to be made sequel!

Also, in The Kissing Booth we see Elle say goodbye to Noah when he goes away to college.  This is set before then for a week at their beach house.  I’m a little fuzzy at how this is a “sequel” but, to each their own I guess.

part of me wishes I did not read this.  There really was no point.  It isn’t really a sequel as it is more of some extra information with what happened during The Kissing Booth really.  I am giving this novella 3 stars.  Why?  Their time spent at the beach house was really anti-climatic.  I love the tale of Elle, Noah, and Lee, but, this just left me thinking, what did I just read?!  I want to know more about what happens when Noah goes away to college and Elle is left behind.  I went back in time instead of going further ahead, which is usually what a proclaimed sequel does.  There is enough in this book that I am sure Netflix will use some of it for what happens in their sequel.  We will find out soon won’t we?

Have you read this?  Do you read books on Wattpad?  Let me know of some can’t miss books on there and I’ll add them to my list and check them out!  Wattpad is a whole new world for me and if you have not checked it out, you should!  The app is SUPER easy to use!


Title: The Beach House

Author:  Beth Reekles

Publisher: Wattpad

Release Date: December 31, 2011

Find it here on Goodreads

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