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I love Elin Hilderbrand.  I have made it my goal to read ALL of her books.  So far, 3 down…23 more to go!  Sometimes you fall in love with an author and you just go with it.  For me, my first taste of Elin was The Perfect Couple and now here I am…loving the love affairs and hanging on to every word!

Adultery is the major theme in this book.  Claire is a married stay at home mother to 4 children who feels trapped.  She gave up her work as a glass blower when she fainted from the heat and went in to pre-term labor with her last child.  She feels guilty that she could have killed her child and feels like her husband is just another child.  Can I get an amen from my fellow mothers out there?  Have we not had times when we felt overwhelmed and underappreciated?!  I digress…

Enter Lockhart.  A married man of a woman that used to be in Claire’s social circle until she drove home from a night out, got into a car wreck due to her intoxication, and was forever changed.  When Lock asks Claire to chair a gala her guilt from not forcing his wife to take a cab weighs heavy and she obliges.  After all, she is the one that knows the latest and biggest rock star on the planet as they used to date.

Both Claire and Lockhart are lonely.  So guess what happens.  I mean, it IS the title of the book.  The book does span over a year’s time, but is heavily focused on the big summer gala.  I do feel for Claire and I think as she works through the affair, she works through her life and ironically, grows as a wife and mother.  I also love the relationship she has with her sister-in-law, a no nonsense, secret keeper, who is there anytime she is needed (even with her own struggles).

So the never do wrong, always abide by the rules Claire, goes on quite the escapade in A Summer Affair.  That is what makes this book a little more exciting.  By the end I felt that every man wants Claire and what a life to live, ha.  I was a little miffed at how it ended, but I guess if it ended another way the book would probably have been another 100 pages at least.  Either way, again, her sister-in-law is the best friend we all want.

4 star read.  It’s Elin guys, you know I love her!  She has a writing style that always peaks my interest.  If adultery is not your thing, don’t read Elin, hahaha.  My favorite part about this book is that it’s a romance without being cheesy.  If you’re up for a tale of what Claire does and if she gets caught in the act or not, read away!  I cannot wait for my next Elin book!!


Title: A Summer Affair

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Genre(s): Literary Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Release Date: July 1, 2008

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

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