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Thank you to Netgalley and Inkyard Press for access to this book in exchange for my honest review.  I am a sucker for young adult novels.  I love them.  I don’t read them nearly enough.  When this book fell into my lap I was so excited!

Teen pregnancy.  This entire book is about a young teenage girl who makes one slight lapse in judgement and ends up pregnant.  This is her journey through her pregnancy with her friends and family.  She ends up moving a town away at the beginning of her pregnancy and probably was the best thing for her.

Understanding.  I hope as a parent I will be as loving and understanding as Sara’s mother.  Sara also has a supportive grandmother, Mormor, and the world’s greatest friends.  There’s even a little romance from Leaf thrown in here.  *sigh* There were such GREAT people in this one.

Snarky and laugh out loud funny.  With a topic as serious as teen pregnancy, this book manages to be a light, funny, and snarky read.  It is a lovely book to take your mind off of all the problems in the world.  It’s a quick read too!

There never was a lack of respect in this book.  Guys…sh#t happens.  Sara is still in high school and well…high school never ends so you know how kids (and people) can be.  It is important to remind yourself to surround yourself with respectful, solid friends.  I am so glad Sara manages to do that in this book.  Even though she is dealing with her life derailed from her ivy league college dreams, she changes her outlook and still remains positive.  This really was a feel good read, even with the heavy topic of teenage pregnancy.

4 star read.  This book made me glad I have the friends I do, who are just as supportive as Sara as they are of me.  It really made me feel good to know that in the real world, there are people like Sara’s friends and that’s important to remember.  Teenage pregnancy isn’t the end of the world (it’s not ideal I know), but this book serves as a reminder that no matter what you’re going through, things will get better and you can make it through.  Great young adult read!!  Go pick this one up now!


Title: Belly Up

Author: Eva Darrows

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Pregnancy Fiction

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Release Date: April 30, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

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