Amazon & The Kindle: Part 2 #Kindle #Amazon #KindleTips

Welcome to part 2 of my Amazon & The Kindle series which highlights…

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library & The Amazon Store

The Kindle itself offers some unique perks, one of those being able to borrow 1 book each month from their owners’ lending library!  Sweet perk!  The only downside is you must be a Prime member to enjoy this perk!  Here’s how you can do it from a Kindle E Ink device (Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, or Kindle Oasis).

Step One:


You must be in the Kindle Store for this to work from your Kindle device.  Make sure you are in a place where your Kindle is connected to wi-fi!  At the top simply select all categories and go down to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

Step Two:


Any book that has the “Prime” logo next to it is included within the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE AMAZON PRIME IN ORDER TO CHECK OUT ONE BOOK A MONTH!  There are some perks to having a Prime Membership and owning a Kindle, but, I’ll get more into detail about that in Part 3.

Step Three:


Click on “Borrow for Free” and you have the title for one month!  I have also found that in order to get another title the next month, you must return the book first.  I have found it easiest to return a book from my computer.  You simply go to Manage Your Content and Devices, and then select the “Your Content” tab.  Select the “Actions” button next to the book you want to return.  Select “Return this book“, and then select “Yes” in the pop-up window.  If you do not return it, you will get a message that says “Monthly Limit Reached” when you try to borrow a book the next month.

(For Kindle Fire editions here’s your way of getting to the Owners’ Lending Library: go to the Fire bookstore, then to categories, and then to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.  The same thing as above, the books eligible to be borrowed for free have the “Prime” badge.  Then click on “Borrow for Free.”  Easy.)

Something else I want to touch on is how easy it is to get books on to your Kindle.  You go to the Kindle Store on your device or visit Amazon and pick out a book you like.  To purchase it you simply hit “Buy Now” and it will appear on your device!  If you have multiple devices (like myself) make sure you send it to the device you want it downloaded on (there will be a drop down menu option if you have more than 1 device).

Something that I do find frustrating with the Kindle is how the books are stored on the device.  If a book is downloaded to the device, it will show a checkmark on the book cover.  If it is not downloaded to the device it will still appear in your library, potentially clogging up your screen.  I use folders to organize my Kindle books so books I have read stay out of my current screen, but it is up to your personal preference on this.  If you need more information on this drop me a line and I will go over this in more detail!  You can always go and delete the book off your account, but then it’s gone from your account and we don’t want that!

Tune in for Part 3: Amazon Prime & The Kindle next Sunday, August 11th!  Also being featured (by popular request) in Part 3 is Matchbook pricing offered by Amazon!  Tune in next week!



Amazon & The Kindle: Part 1

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