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I picked up Sunset Beach through my local library…it ended up being a 2 month wait; however, it was worth it!



Mary Kay Andrew, Queen of Beach Reads, does not disappoint with this novel!  It has the allure of a budding romance and the captivation of a mystery, all rolled in to one.

Drue Campbell’s life is in a bit of shambles.  She just lost a job, broke up with her boyfriend, and has nothing going for her.  Her mother passes away and her father shows up, 20 years later, at the funeral, looking to reconnect.  Mind you, he remarried one of her ex-best friends…oh the drama that lies there!

Drue ends up leaving one coast of Florida to move to the other, into the house her grandparents used to own that her mother left to her.  The house is in shambles and needs a lot of work, but if her mother kept the house instead of selling it (and she wasn’t a sentimental woman), there was a reason so she would keep it.  She ends up working for her father, a prominent lawyer, and breaks open a police case while uncovering a family secret.

This book was an exciting read and all the while you kept hoping for Drue to follow her stubborn heart.  There’s a quick burst of romance in the beginning that fizzles out immediately, but no worries, we’ll get that romance at the end!  I also struggled to actually figure out the entire mystery (I couldn’t)…it’s woven in multiple layers which makes it a book hard to put down!  Is there ever some heart racing exciting stuff in here too!!!

4 star read.  I loved the progress Drue makes with her life in this novel.  She figures things out and eventually just goes for it.  She lets go of grudges and resentment and really starts to shine…great character growth!  The ending to this novel is absolutely crazy and action packed; such a solid ending!!  If you’re looking for a great summer read with a touch of romance and a heart pounding mystery, pick this up now!



Title: Sunset Beach

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

Genre(s): Mystery, Romance

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: May 7, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

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