Top Of The TBR: August 17th #TBR #WishList #WantToRead

I stumbled across this thanks to Literary Elephant.  I love this idea and I’m jumping on board!!  Here is her description of Top Of The TBR (TBR by the way, for those who may not know, means To Be Read)…

But what is Top of the TBR? Good question. It’s a weekly post that will showcase any new books I’ve added to my Goodreads TBR recently, with a short explanation of why each title caught my interest. I’ll aim for 5-10 books per post; in weeks that I’ve added more than that, I’ll hold some back, and in weeks that I don’t have enough, I’ll include titles I haven’t discussed yet. Each title will be linked back to its Goodreads page for anyone interested in exploring further, as I’m not a fan of copy/pasting synopses. Anyone who wants to take part in this series with me is absolutely welcome! Please link back to any of my Top of the TBR posts so I can see what you’re reading!

Personally, my Goodreads TBR is filled with books that I have entered giveaways for.  My TRUE TBR list is on Amazon.  Here is the last book I added on Amazon…


I’m going a little rogue with not following the exact Top Of The TBR protocol because I would like to vent a little.  I discovered this book through The Bookwormery and fell in love with the review!  Is the book available in the US?  NO!

I can’t tell you how many books I have found that aren’t available in the US.  I know there are books I blog about that aren’t available in other countries and…why is this guys?  I know I can buy on-line through websites and get these books, but in a day and age where technology runs rampant, why are books not more widely available in eformats?

I know not everyone has an ereader, but I would think books could be available world wide with this method easier…I understand there’s a reason why books are limited in release and sometimes only to certain countries, but as a consumer it just frustrates me!

I want to read ALL the books!

I’ve actually debated to research and see if I could pay for use of a library card in the UK to gain access to ebooks.  There are libraries here in the United States that offer paid membership to those who don’t live in the immediate area.  Crazy?  Maybe…but I follow bloggers all over the world and get SOOOOO jealous of the amazing books I see you all post about that I just can’t stinkin’ read without jumping through a hoop!

Anyone else feel this way?  Have you ever come across a book that wasn’t available in your country??

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I'm a wife, mother to 2 children, teacher to those with special needs, quilter, sewing enthusiast, book worm, self-proclaimed foodie, and wannabe rock star! There just aren't enough hours in my day!!

2 thoughts on “Top Of The TBR: August 17th #TBR #WishList #WantToRead”

  1. It can be annoying when books are only published in certain places! Or even when they have different pub dates for different countries. I usually prefer to read in print so it usually isn’t too much more of a challenge for me to get the books I want through different sites, but you do make a good point about ebooks- I’m sure it still depends on whether a publisher will pick it up in that country, but it does seem like ebooks should make access easier in this internet era.

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