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HUGE thank you to St. Martin’s Press for my very own advance copy of The New Husband in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. This book is going to be released next month so pre-order it now because you will want to read this one!!!

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you know them,” is the PERFECT quote for this book. Nina’s husband goes missing and she discovers he was leading a double life. What a blow. Thankfully Simon comes in to the picture and sweeps her off her feet.

Nina has two children and Simon happens to work as a teacher at their school. Slightly awkward, but they manage to deal with it. Nina and Simon end up moving in together and because of this move, Nina is able to stay in town instead of moving away to live with parents.

Maggie, Nina’s daughter, has seen a dark side to Simon and is trying to convince everyone around her he’s just evil. I would give you some details on how she thinks he’s evil, but you’ll have to read the book. Will Nina end up marrying the controlling Simon? Will Glen’s double life come to haunt them? Oh what a tangled web we end up in…

This book was riveting! It kept me engaged until the very end. I will say I did have the book figured out quite early on (WHAT?!? ME?!?!), but despite that, oh my goodness…this was such a GOOD book! Twists and turns around every corner, it all slowly piles up until BOOM SHAKA LAKA! I found myself in Maggie’s corner and rooting for her, she is quite the likable teenager! I only wish Nina’s friends did a little bit more than they did, but this is a work of fiction so let’s hope in real life they would have!

4 stars.  I found myself holding my breath for the last part of the book as my heart was racing 90 miles a minute. Palmer has done it again with another amazing thriller. I hope you all get the opportunity to read this one!


Title: The New Husband

Author: DJ Palmer

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: April 14, 2020

Find it here on Goodreads

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I'm a wife, mother to 2 children, teacher to those with special needs, quilter, sewing enthusiast, book worm, self-proclaimed foodie, and wannabe rock star! There just aren't enough hours in my day!!

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