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This one was popping up everywhere so I threw it into my Amazon cart and the next time my husband made a purchase, in came my new book, YAY! Now I’m off to put the sequel into my cart!

Pip Fitz-Amobi is a small town girl who has just started her senior year of high school. Each of the seniors has to complete a capstone project so her topic…Andie Bell wasn’t murdered by Sal Singh. What?

Five years ago the small town was rattled when Andie Bell went missing. The police blamed the disappearance, and murder, on her boyfriend Sal Singh. He committed suicide a few days after Andie disappeared and evidence found on him implicated he was guilty. Pip felt the police were too quick to close the case and didn’t really investigate…so she decides to investigate herself.

Pip befriends Sal’s brother, Ravi, and the two of them embark on an amateur investigation. Pip starts to receive threatening messages and her project appears to be doomed. It’s too late to change her topic so maybe she’ll just end up failing. Whoever it is wants her to stop…and they aren’t stopping at just idling threats.

This book had me guessing. Every time Pip added someone to her suspect list I thought, “Yup, they did it.” Eventually I thought everything was plausible, so who really did it…or was she just chasing a dead end? Pip has an unbelievable talent at picking up clues and yes, this did seem realistic. Maybe the topic would never really be approved for a senior project, but I could see teenagers putting their noses where they shouldn’t to try and solve a mystery.

4 stars.  I seriously did not see the ending coming. I know, I know, I never do, but honestly…this one was great. There was information in every chapter and it kept everything fresh! One of the better young adult novels I have read in a long while!! I cannot wait to read more from Holly Jackson in the future!


Title: A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

Author: Holly Jackson

Genre(s): Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Release Date: February 4, 2020

Find it here on Goodreads

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I'm a wife, mother to 2 children, teacher to those with special needs, quilter, sewing enthusiast, book worm, self-proclaimed foodie, and wannabe rock star! There just aren't enough hours in my day!!

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