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Catching up on reviews…yet another read from October. Shout out to my public library for grabbing this one for me!

I am going to start this review off by saying that if abortion is a topic you are sensitive to, do not read this review any further and do not pick this book up. This is essentially a book about friends taking an abortion road trip.

17 year old Veronica finds herself pregnant near the end of senior year and can’t believe it. Her whole life flashes before her eyes and she decides she wants to terminate her pregnancy. The nearest clinic is states away and so she confides in her ex-best friend, Bailey, to help her get to where she needs to be.

What a comical road trip. How she became pregnant comes to light (her ever so loving boyfriend poked holes in condoms) and he ends up chasing them on the road trip. Veronica also manages to tick off Bailey mid-road trip and things go south with her. Can she save a new old friendship?

This was fantastically written. All of the drama that goes on in high school with your friends and boyfriends is so appropriate in this humorous novel. How Veronica and Bailey end up taking off on this crazy road trip is even more realistic. Do they get caught? I don’t read and tell! Read it yourself!

4 stars. I found myself laughing out loud at the things Veronica and Bailey got themselves into. I also loved how feminism was addressed in this book. This book also managed to take a heavy subject such as abortion and turn it into something just a little lighter. Delightful read! I cannot wait to see what Hendriks pens next!


Title: Unpregnant

Author: Jenni Hendriks & Ted Caplan

Genre(s): Fiction, Young Adult, Humor

Publisher: Harper Collins

Release Date: September 10, 2019

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Book Review: Husband Material @harlequinbooks @netgalley #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe #Reading #Books #BookBlog #HusbandMaterial

Chugging along on that Netgalley train!! Aren’t you so proud of me?! ūüėČ

*sigh* I really wanted to love this book, I did. I tried. Let me give you a synopsis of the book and then I’ll tell you what really irked me about this one.

Charlotte is a widow…no one knows it. No one at work, her roommate, no one. She works at an influencer firm and runs/designs programs that are data driven to help provide companies with real time information. She has also created a program where she has created an algorithm to find herself the perfect match. I mean, she’s only been on 70ish dates and never had anyone go past 2 dates, so…

There is drama with her late husband, her late husband’s family, and her late husband’s best friend. That is all I can say without giving anything away. There’s drama with her roommate too and rightfully so.

Here’s what irked me THE MOST. The voice of Charlotte was not consistent (at least not in my eyes or within my inner monologue while I read). In the beginning I thought maybe she was quirky or possibly a character on the autism spectrum. Then I felt like she was completely normal and not weird or quirky at all and then she would change back and it was like…wait…the voice just went all over the place for me and I didn’t enjoy that. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes she was scatter brained and lost and other times sane and level headed. Then there were times where she just didn’t care about anyone else and that was that. *shrugs*

2 stars.¬† I know. I will say the ending comes along with a little boop and it’s kinda like…that’s it. This is how we resolved everything and so quickly?? We went from 0 to 60 to hey let’s all hang out now…just odd. I also was not a fan of who Charlotte ends up with…at the end of the day I’m not mad I read this, I just wish there was a little more to it. At the end of the day it just wasn’t my style. Have you read this one? Have you enjoyed it?


Title: Husband Material

Author: Emily Belden

Genre(s): Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Publisher: Graydon House

Release Date: December 30, 2019

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Here’s another read from October 2019.¬† According to my Goodreads records, I read this in one day.¬† It’s a fast read.¬† I was also out of work and not doing anything all day, so I may not be the must judge of character when it comes to reading books during this time period, haha.


What an interesting, dystopian novel.¬†¬†In case you’ve never heard of a dystopian novel, let me explain.¬† It typically takes a social or political issue/stance and takes it to a deep, dark, twisted world, kind of like a nightmare.¬† This book deals with people (and young people, this is a young adult novel) being found guilty of crimes in court and then going to an island (not just any island, Alcatraz 2.0) where it is every man for himself.

What I mean is, they get murdered.¬† Not by each other, but by “villans” that appear on the island in masks and costumes and no one knows who they really are.¬† The inmates have the opportunity to fight them back and essentially kill them to save themselves…are you asking why on earth this is happening yet?¬† Because this is all ON LIVE FEEDS and America is watching.¬† Yes.¬† Why?¬† Because whoever is behind the show (no one knows) is making money off the live feeds and merchandise.¬† Crazy?¬† Yes.

So the story is told through Dee (who is only 17) who ends up on the island.¬† She makes friends and they try to come up with a plan to live.¬† Between chapters we read the live chat feeds where people are commenting as they watch.¬† It was interesting.¬† I won’t lie, this part tripped me up a little bit and I found it hard to follow.¬† Maybe I’m just old (haha), but sometimes I was not sure what the live chat transcripts were even talking about.¬† Aside from that, it’s a short, easy read.¬† It kept me rooting for Dee.

3 stars.¬† I could take it or leave it.¬† It did not have me running out to read the second book.¬† It reminded me a little of the movie Death Race because they’re along the same lines.¬† It just did not do much for me.¬† If you came across this book go ahead and read it, it is action packed of stuff, I just wouldn’t seek it out.


Title: #Murdertrending

Author: Gretchen McNeil

Genre(s): Fiction, Young Adult, Mystery, Dystopia

Publisher: Freeform

Release Date: August 7, 2018

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Book Review: Tweet Cute @dilemmalord @wednesdaybooks @Netgalley #twitter #youngadult #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe #Book #BookBlog #Reading

Look at this, another catch up with my Netgalley reads!¬†¬†Yes, I’m patting myself on the back, haha.¬† Have I ever mentioned how much I love to read young adult novels?¬† Side note, all opinions are mine and mine alone, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for this free review!


This was such a cute read.¬†¬†It is the story of Pepper and Jack and their lives as high school seniors helping their parents with their major businesses on twitter.¬† This is a classic frenemy tale (and I hope one day is optioned for a movie…someone let Netflix know this would be a GREAT movie for them) and I love how it all plays out.

Not only do Pepper and Jack end up getting wound in to a twitter war on behalf of their parents, they are also navigating their senior year of high school and all that goes with it.¬† Mind you, they both to go a private elite high school; however, this book is not written in a snotty manner, no, they are actually real, down to earth kids.¬† Thank you Emma Lord!¬† For me, there was nothing unrealistic about this book.¬† I guess you could argue that these kids are all talking about the colleges they’re applying to and they’re all Ivy League, but that’s it.

This was just such a cute and innocent story…WITH AN EPILOGUE!¬† THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!¬† We see where all the characters involved in the book end up after a year.¬† Would I call this a romance novel as well?¬† No.¬† There is some slight romance, more flirting than anything.¬† It really just was an all around great, well written novel you could sink your teeth into and read in a day.¬† This book was like opening a can of pringles…one you start, you can’t stop.

5 stars.¬† What?¬† 5 stars.¬† This is probably one of the BEST young adult novels I have read in a long time.¬† Without giving too much away there is just so much you want to know and how things unfold in their lives…who wins the twitter war?¬† What happens with Pepper and Jack?¬† What is all about this crazy app that a high school student made?¬† I know…you’re curious now aren’t you.¬† Don’t let the young adult genre fool you, this was a great book and you won’t regret reading it!


Title: Tweet Cute 

Author: Emma Lord

Genre(s): Fiction, Young Adult, Contemporary, Slightly Romantic

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Release Date: January 21, 2020

Find it here on Goodreads

Book Review: Stolen Things @RachaelHerron @DuttonBooks #Mystery #Thriller #Suspense #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe

Ok, I have to go all the way back to October for this one…I told you I was behind.¬† You just didn’t know HOW behind, haha.¬† I won’t lie, I had to read a few reviews on Goodreads to jog my memory!¬† Yes, I’m one of those people who forgets the majority of books/movies…overall I remember if I liked it or not, so I at least have that going for me!


This was a captivating thriller¬†where you thought you knew who did it, until you realized you didn’t.¬† This book tackles rape, murder, missing person, police brutality and racial issues.¬† Yeah, it goes all into that.

The mom is a 911 operator and receives a phone call from her daughter who has been drugged and she has no idea where she is.¬† Her father is the chief of police and they go on a man hunt and find her.¬† She ends up being drugged and raped, found at her friend’s home.¬† Oh, by the way there’s a dead body in the closet in the room she’s found in.¬† Her friend, who holds rallies against the police, which the daughter attends, is now accused of rape and murder.¬† The daughter denies her friend could possibly do anything wrong, but the evidence is there…and oh yeah, her once best friend is MISSING!

There was a lot of action.¬† The mother is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to her daughter and what is going on and it is a crazy, wild ride.¬† The parents of the friend are banging down her door asking for answers of what the police all know and where their daughter is.¬† She looks into her own people within the police department and does not hold back her own private investigation.¬† I will say the beginning of filled with nonstop page turning action that starts to fade a little as the book goes on…now, it is still a captivating read with thrilling action that makes you go, oh my what is happening!!

4 stars.  I could relate being a mother and doing anything to figure out what happened to my child.  Highly recommend this for lovers of thrillers!  Have you read this one?  Did you enjoy it?


Title: Stolen Things 

Author: R.H. Herron

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Publisher: Dutton

Release Date: August 20, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads

Book Review: How To Hack A Heartbreak @KristinRockaway @JessWatterson @HarlequinBooks #ChickLit #MomsWhoRead #Romance #GirlPower #ReadMe #PublicLibrary

The last library book I checked out that I read…yes, I read this in December.¬† No, I have not checked out a library book since then (not even Libby).¬† I really am devoting myself to my Netgalley library and books from my colleagues at work…we really need to name ourselves something, I’m open to any and all suggestions for that!


Girls kick ass.  That is the first thing this book makes me say.  Why?  Because Mel works at a tech desk at a startup incubator (tech savvy people looking for their ideas to take off and make loads of cash if they get funded) and ends up coding HER OWN APP.  That takes off as a viral sensation overnight.

High five to Kristin Rockaway¬†for portraying Mel’s work scene with a sense of reality…being a woman in a male dominated field sucks and I felt that to the core in this novel.¬† It made me get full of angst and I just wanted to see Mel flip off the world all while ending up on her white horse with her knight in shining armor into the sunset…did that happen?¬† *shrugs*¬† I don’t read and tell!

But seriously Mel balances work, friends, and love.¬†¬†It doesn’t help she’s in the city and it doesn’t help that her app is called JerkAlert, a place to write all about the dirt bag guys you go on dates with.¬† Why does that not help?¬† Because a guy she is way into happens to end up on that site…yes…what a dilemma!!¬† In case you were wondering, Rockaway does address the fact that women get sent dick pics all the time on dating apps…yes, we aren’t lying, it happens (*full disclosure, I dated and got married before the realm of dating apps was a big thing, but I’ve had friends on them and it is disgusting what they’d get).¬† Don’t we all find ourselves balancing the trifecta?¬† This book just feels so real and does a great job at representing a typical life of a single woman in the city!

4 stars.¬† Quick, easy read.¬† Fun read too.¬† This is the PERFECT light read if you’re looking to take a break from serious reads or just want something fun.¬† It was such a great adventure to follow Mel through this time in her life.¬† Once I sat down to read this one, it went quick.¬† I was NOT letting this get back to the library before I had the chance to read it, that’s for sure!¬† I’m so happy to have read this one…have you?¬† Did you just adore it?


Title: How To Hack A Heartbreak

Author: Kristin Rockaway

Genre(s): Fiction, Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Publisher: Graydon House

Release Date: July 30, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads

Book Review: Anything For You #SaulBlack @Netgalley @StMartinsPress #MomsWhoRead #Thriller #Mystery #Novel #ReadMe

Slowly getting through my Netgalley reads…I don’t even want to let you know how many I’m behind on.¬† I have been holding true to my promise and I have not requested any more yet.¬† See, I’m being a good girl!¬† After I finish this review it’s off to read some more!¬† My Kindle will be burning the midnight oil!



This book twisted and this book turned…I did not see the ending coming, although I feel like it COULD be predictable for those of you thriller aficionados, but not for me!¬† What I appreciated most about this book was the side story of the detective, Valerie.

This book is about solving a murder…or two…Valerie is on the case and has her own family drama.¬† This is apparently book number 3 in the Valerie Hart series so I don’t know what her personal life has been like up until now, but she had some drama.¬† I don’t feel like I missed out on anything and didn’t realize it was number 3 until I pulled up the Goodreads page.¬† So not only do we have this mystery of who killed who, we also have a side story going on…this book was just filled with great writing!

It was easy to follow, even after I ended up deserting this book for a MONTH (shame I know), but when I picked it back up it was easy to remember everything that happened.¬† A big fancy prosecutor, Adam, is murdered.¬† His family is just in pieces over his death and then another murder is discovered…are they connected?¬† Oh, you’ll have to read to find out.¬† It was a great thriller with a fun side story, again, I really appreciate that!

4 stars. I am sure you’re tired of me saying this, but I really liked reading for the mystery, as well as for the family drama and what Valerie would do.¬† I was in her corner and I am so HAPPY with what happens in her personal life in the end.¬† Aren’t you just curious to know what this is all about?¬† Go get a copy of this book ASAP!


Title: Anything For You

Author: Saul Black

Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: November 12, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads