Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re A Book Lover #BookBlog #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe #Books #Reading #TTT

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Ten Signs You’re A Book Lover

Let me rack my brain and see what I can come up with…

  1. You have books hidden EVERYWHERE…random places, in your car, at work, etc etc.
  2. You pick up a book instead of putting that head down on your pillow…staying up past bedtime just because you have to read!!
  3. You get emotionally invested in fictional characters (mourn for them, lust for them, etc).
  4. You buy more books…even when you have a huge stack of books on your Kindle or bookshelf that you haven’t read yet!
  5. You’re constantly browsing for new books…
  6. You know all the ins & outs of your local library.
  7. You change plans you have because you can’t put a book you’re reading down…(ex. cancel dinner plans with friends to stay in)
  8. You see furniture and think, “Wow, that would make for a great reading chair…that would look great in a book nook!”
  9. A gift card to your favorite book shelf is the ultimate gift for you!
  10. You find yourself distracted by browsing book blogs seeing what everyone else is reading!!!

What are some signs you think that show you’re a book lover??

Top Ten Tuesday: February 18th #TTT #BookHangovers #MomsWhoRead #Reading

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

The Last Ten Books That Gave Me A Book Hangover

Let me just tell you that books started JUMPING at me with this prompt!!! Ready? Here we go!

Book 2 in the Paradise trilogy…I had MAJOR book hangover after the first book (FOR A YEAR) and here I am in the same boat just dying inside until October…

The plan was to read this and go see the movie…guys…I mourned over this book like I lost a loved one. I have never seen the movie and I have no plans on ever seeing the movie. This ripped my heart and soul out of my body…saddest book I have ever read. I took a break from reading for awhile after this one…man…

Another book that just made me stop in my tracks. I read this on a plane and bawled like a baby. It hit me so hard at the moment in my life. Crazy, right? I did not read the book I had planned once I finished this one mid-flight. Oh man…this is probably one of my favorite books ever. HIGHLY recommend it.

I read the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy in 3 days. No shame in my game. I need more Lara Jean in my life. I miss her SOOOO much. Yet another movie I refuse to watch because I don’t want it to ruin the pristine imagery in my head with this one!

I was obsessed with this one…and this book made me an automatic Driscoll fan. I could not stop talking or thinking about this one. I had to take a break from thrillers after this one because I knew I would just compare them to this one…

So it may not be 10, but I got to 5…it takes a lot for a book to really affect me and these certainly did…what book gave you a major hangover??

Top Ten Tuesday: January 14th #bookish #MomsWhoRead #books #ReadMe #TTT

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Bookish Discoveries I Made In 2019

I had to ponder this one for a little bit…a few I thought I discovered last year, but really it was in 2018.  I didn’t really ramp up my reading game until 2019 so…I think I’m going to include them anyway!!



Netgalley.  Oh boy…this site gets me in TROUBLE.  I have vowed to read and review ALL the books I have from 2019 before I request a single book this year…will I be able to do it?  Who knows…if I got off here and on my Kindle, maybe!  If you are unsure what Netgalley is, it is a site where you can get your hands on advance copies of books in exchange for leaving for honest review.  It is pretty neat!  Just watch how many books you request, they stack up quick!



WordPress.  Now, wait a minute.  I started to blog on WordPress in 2018 on my friend’s site Book In The Bag.  It was in 2019 I decided to start *MY* blog and when I did that, I discovered the world of book bloggers and well…you all keep my TBR list stacked.  Haha.  It is crazy how HUGE the book blogging world is and that has spread across ALL of my social media!!  Thank YOU for showing me the light!  😉



Amazon First Reads.  Who knew how much EXTRA a Prime membership could get you as a reader?!  One free book every month (this month we get TWO) AND our own special library!!  It doesn’t get better than that!  What awesome perks!


I’m a little boring with this…that’s pretty much all I can think of.  I am sure when I go through and read all of your Top Tuesday posts I’ll be like OOOOOOO YEAH and duuuuuuuuuuh.  I can’t wait to read all of yours!  What bookish things did you discover last year?  Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday: September 17th #Drinks #Reading #Books


It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Favorite Things To Eat/Drink While Reading

I can tell you right now I don’t eat when I read.  I need my hands focused on turning pages…plus, I don’t want to get anything on my pages or Kindle while I read!!  It just doesn’t work out too hot for me…haha.

CirkulCirkul…I just tried their $5 trial and I got hooked.  So did my kids!!  It’s a fun way to flavor your water where you control how much flavor you want!!  If you’re interested click here for more information.  You just fill up a bottle with regular water and then attach a “sip” filled with flavor to the top and well…sip!




Coffee…well, I brew a cup of fresh coffee, add a little bit of sugar, and 13 ice cubes (yes, I count them out, haha) and shake it all together.  My own version of Italian Coffee!  It is SOOO good, the perfect amount of sweet and bold goodness!



I wish I had more to add to this list, but that’s about it.  That is pretty much all I drink…it’s not that exciting.  Like I said, I don’t like my hands to be distracted when I’m reading, I need them available for immediate page turning!!  What do you like to eat or drink when you read?

Top Ten Tuesday: August 27th #ReadingLibrary #Library #Books #BookWorm #ReadMe #BookBlog #TTT



It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Books I’ve Read That I’d Like In My Personal Library

I am not a person who keeps books on my shelves.  After I read a book I pass it along to my reading circle and then I donate it.  There are so many books that I have read via Netgalley, my Kindle, or on loan from my local library that I wish I could pass around my reading circle…so here they are!





















Those are the 10 I wish I had my possession to pass around my reading circle!!  Don’t worry, I have raved about these books to my reading circle and some of them have picked a few of these up!  Of course it’s easier when it’s handed to you, haha, but hey, reading can be a costly habit!!!  What are some books of yours that you’ve borrowed or have in a means that you’d love to be able to pass around to your friends and family??


Top Ten Tuesday: July 23rd #Settings #Books #BookWorm

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Settings I’d Like To See More Of

This week’s topic has me thinking…what settings do I want see?



Scandinavia…I’ve read a few Scandinavian noirs and LOVED them.  It is such a beautiful setting, I’d love to see it more and more!



New England…this is where I was born and raised so I LOVE to read books that take place anywhere in New England!!



Italy…we took a family trip last summer that started here and we’ll be going again next summer so it’s fun to read about places I’ve been and to pretend I’m there again!



Greece…this is a stop on our next family trip and I’ve been craving this setting in preparation!!  Maybe I’ll read some and be inspired to visit a few places!


Do you have any recommendations for books which have the above settings?? What settings do you want to read more of???  Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday: July 16th @teresadriscoll @elinhilderbrand #Authors #MustBuy

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Auto-Buy Authors

I don’t have that many auto-buy authors, but I do have a couple, yes, 2…I’ll feature their last book published (which yes I own…and yes, their next books coming out I already have on pre-order).


Elin Hilderbrand


Teresa Driscoll

Not that exciting considering I only have 2 that I don’t blink an eye at thinking twice about. I love Hilderbrand’s writing style and Driscoll is a crazy good physiological thriller writer.

Who are your auto-buy authors??