A Saturday Ramble…I’m back…really! #OwningUp #BookBlog #Blogger #Books

Remember that post saying hey, I’m back?  Then I kinda really wasn’t?  Yeah…I think I jumped the gun.  But seriously, I have my 2020 calendar printed out and I have blogs typed up and scheduled to post.


I did promise myself a few things that have helped me get here…

1) I am not going to go crazy over YOUR posts.  You heard me right…YOUR posts.  What I mean is, I would read all your posts and go CRAZY with my TBR pile.  I would put my books on hold because all the books you were talking about sounded awesome…and they were awesome.  I started to feel like I would be out of the loop if I wasn’t reading all these latest releases right now.  I realize now, who cares?  If I just read all the books everyone else is talking about then I’m not sharing any different books with the world and isn’t that the point of a book blog?  To find great, different books?  Sure, there will always be new releases I’m dying to read and that I will, but I am determined to shrink down the amount of books I have now stashed around the house and dwindle them down…and then buy more, hahahaha.  I am going to promise myself to keep the books you all talk about on my TBR list and then get to them eventually.  Seriously…it has taken a load off!

2) I am not going to kill myself over my blog content.  There are times when I read a lot and times when I read a little.  It’s called life.  I wanted a post EVERY DAY.  That isn’t going to happen anymore.  Sure, it’s something to strive for and if it happens, great.  If I go a day or two without a post, awesome.  I’m not going to look at my stats anymore.

3) I’m going to dedicated a night, one day a week, where it’s me and my computer and work on the blog.  I will use the app to give myself some ideas for blogs and read your posts, but my giving myself one dedicated night where that is all I do, phew, I feel good now.  I get done what I get done and that’s that.  I am behind on writing NINE reviews from last year…and I will get to them when I get to them.  It was ten but I managed to sneak one in before this post.

4) I am not going to worry about reading books my co-workers give me right away.  Before I would let them take place of books I had on deck.  Now they go below deck and I read them after the ones I had planned to read.  I always keep the book I’m reading and the next book I want to read on my stand and these books would plop right above the book I planned.  You don’t realize how sometimes this can take the wind out of motivation to read.  It’s crazy.  And guess what…no one cares if I bring the book in 5 days or 20 days.  We just pass them along in a big circle and they make it back to the original person in a few months.  Why am I stressing?  Stress no more!

It is amazing how sometimes so simple as a blog can make you feel so overwhelmed.  I love reading and I love the book blogging world.  To be fair, I was thrown back in to the middle of my work year with no warning and it took awhile to figure things out and get things to the way I wanted them to be…all the while I was like…books, blog, books, blog.  Now that I’m settled back in, I’m ready.  Truly ready after sitting down with myself and setting some new rules/boundaries.  Side note: my Netgalley shelf is out of control and I am determined to shrink it.  Talk about a whoops…haha…no more requesting until I get through it…now THAT is some motivation!!  Haha.

Have you set any rules up for yourself or gone through something similar with your blog?

Book Review: The First Mistake @realsandiejones #TheFirstMistake #ARC #BookReview #4.5stars #BookBlog @panmacmillan @StMartinsPress @MinotaurBooks

I love getting book mail. As you may have seen awhile ago I received an advance copy of this book, The First Mistake, in the mail. Thank you St. Martin’s Press and Minotaur Books for the opportunity to read this before it hits the shelves tomorrow.

This took me a few chapters to get into. Once I got into it, there was no putting this book down! It reminded me of the country song that goes like this…”Still you wonder who’s cheatin’ who and who’s bein’ true and who don’t even care anymore. Makes you wonder who’s doin’ right to someone tonight and who’s car is parked next door…” or something close to that.

The premise is Alice is (re)married to Nathan. Her first husband tragically died in a skiing accident. She has her best friend Beth by her side…although, they have an odd relationship and not one I would say meets the criteria of “best” friends…but, to each their own! Alice owns her own design company and they are getting ready to take on a HUGE new project. Alice starts to suspect that Nathan may be cheating on her and starts to vent to Beth…the irony is Beth always makes sure that when she comes around, Nathan isn’t there…hmmmmmmm. Let me tell you now, this story is NOTHING what you think it will be! You go on a wild ride.

The story is told in 3 parts; present day Alice, past day Beth, and then back to present day with Alice & Beth. How Sandie Jones ties this one all together was brilliant. I never saw it coming. I just held my breath the entire time while reading the book when one revelation was revealed after the other. I must have gasped out loud at least 5 times!

Personally, Sandie Jones outdid herself in her second novel. There. I said it. I would like to kind of go off track and leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book (my other favorite is within the featured image)…

“These people’s lives are fake,” says Alice, picking up the offending item. Sophia looks at it as if it’s a baby that her mother is about to throw into a road. “They’re not lives you can aspire to because they’re not real, and I think it’s putting you kids under an awful lot of pressure to be a certain way and look a certain way.”


This is a 4.5 star read. It grips you and won’t let go until you reach the end. The only reason I did not give it a 5 star read was BECAUSE of the end. I love my endings tied up nicely and this one…well…it ties it up and I can ASSUME what happens because of the careful word choice in the epilogue; however, we are not 100% certain and for that, it’s a 4.5 star read. Let me tell you if I ever meet Sandie the first question I’m asking is…well, I can’t tell you, it will give the book away. Shoo! Go get this book STAT and then come back and LET’S CHAT ABOUT THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!


Title: The First Mistake

Author: Sandie Jones

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Release Date: June 11, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon