Top Of The TBR: July 6th

I stumbled across this thanks to Literary Elephant.  I love this idea and I’m jumping on board!!  Here is her description of Top Of The TBR…

But what is Top of the TBR? Good question. It’s a weekly post that will showcase any new books I’ve added to my Goodreads TBR recently, with a short explanation of why each title caught my interest. I’ll aim for 5-10 books per post; in weeks that I’ve added more than that, I’ll hold some back, and in weeks that I don’t have enough, I’ll include titles I haven’t discussed yet. Each title will be linked back to its Goodreads page for anyone interested in exploring further, as I’m not a fan of copy/pasting synopses. Anyone who wants to take part in this series with me is absolutely welcome! Please link back to any of my Top of the TBR posts so I can see what you’re reading!

Personally, my Goodreads TBR is filled with books that I have entered giveaways for.  My TRUE TBR list is on Amazon.  It’s horrible…they send me alerts when books on that list are on sale, haha.  I’ve also been lucky enough to score quite a few on my list for free too!  Yes, I check it every day.  I won’t disclose how many physical books I own that I haven’t read yet and I certainly won’t disclose the amount I have on my Kindle!  I will probably focus on the last 3 books I’ve added to my TBR list.  I will link each one back to Goodreads as well!  Here goes nothing…


How I found it: Shalini’s Book Reviews

Why I added it: When someone writes a review and says they got goosebumps reading it, my interest is peaked.  The more and more I read the above review, the more and more I am craving this book!

Priority: Low. It is not released in the US yet and I cannot find a date for release.  I will keep it on my list and wait until I see it’s available, but I’m in no rush. I’m used to falling in lust with books that get released in the UK waaaaay before the US, I’m used to it now!





How I found it: Facebook advertisement

Why I added it: The cover got me with that tag line!  When I clicked on the link and it said how far will a woman go to escape a person she once loved…I’m in!

Priority: Medium.  This book was just released on June 25th and I have a lot on my plate I still have to read.  Once the summer is over (I’m a huge seasonal reader) and autumn hits, this is a book that will on top of my list!





How I found it: Another Facebook advertisement!

Why I added it:  The description in the ad sucked me in.

Priority: Low.  This will be released on August 20th.  That’s well over a month away.  It’s also priced a little high (for me) for Kindle and hard copy.  I may go to the library for this one.  Either way, it still looks like a good read!





What books are on top of your TBR list???  Maybe I need to add them to mine! 🙂