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I have previously done a post on this over at Book In The Bag where I would do weekly guest blogs.  Not much has changed as far as my discovery of free newsletters has gone, so aside from a little updating, it will be pretty similar!



The focus of today’s post is FREE EBOOKS!  Yes, 100% (and even access to some cheap reads) ebooks you can download to your Kindle (and yes, other ereaders).  I find some of these are repetitive, but hey I won’t turn down a free book!


Newsletter: Book Bub

Web Address:

My Thoughts: This was the first eBook newsletter I was exposed to.  They offer a few free ones here and there (not as many as other newsletters), but have many offerings from 99 cents to $3.99, great deals!


Newsletter: Freebooksy

Web Address:

My Thoughts: This is my favorite newsletter.  This newsletter is always filled with 100% free books.  You just need to make sure you read it on the same day because the books are usually only free for one day!  I LOVE the format of their email too, it’s very eye pleasing!


Newsletter: Voracious Readers Only

Web Address:

My Thoughts:  You sign up with your e-mail and mark off the genres you enjoy (you can always change these later).  The send out individual e-mails when they get a new book and you can click on the link and then get the free eBook.  Many times when you click the link you are also signing up for the author’s mailing list.  I don’t feel they send out too many e-mails and they offer different ones I haven’t seen on any other newsletters.  They DO expect feedback on the books you select to read…you can’t just hoard these on your ereader and expect to read them at your leisure.  Only agree to read a book if you’re going to start it soon and will give them a small review!


Newsletter: Ereader News Today

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Again, you sign up with your e-mail address and select the genres you wish to receive.  Remember, don’t limit yourself, maybe you’ll find a book in a new genre you’ll fall in love with!  They offer free and heavily discounted priced books!  I love the ability to pick the genres I want in my newsletter.


Newsletter: Early Bird Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Early Bird Books offers great discounts on popular reads!  Yes, on occasion they have some big name authors!  If you’re looking for a deal, this is the newsletter for you.  This will have more bestsellers priced usually from $1.99 to $3.99 (and occasionally free).


Newsletter: Many Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Many Books offers a website filled with free eBooks, as well as a newsletter, which highlights free and discounted eBooks. I am not really a fan of this newsletter and I’m not sure why.  It would be the layout or that I don’t find many eBooks I’m interested in. But it is still something to take a look at.


Newsletter: Book Adrenaline

Web Address:

My Thoughts: This is for all my fellow thriller and mystery lovers out there!!  Book Adrenaline offers free and discounted mystery and thriller books.  You will not find any other genres here.  I love mysteries and thrillers so this is right up my alley.  I have put so many books from here on my amazon wish list I have yet to figure out when I will read all these books!


Newsletter: Pillow Talk Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Where are all my romance lovers?  This is a newsletter just for romance books!  They sent out a daily newsletter with cheap and free romance books.  If romance is your genre of choice, you definitely need to sign up for this newsletter!


Newsletter: Bookzzle

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Another newsletter for free & bargain priced fiction and non-fictions reads.  You cannot pick and choose what genres you are interested in, they just send you a newsletter with the deals for the week!


Newsletter: The Fussy Librarian

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Last but not least, my other absolutely favorite newsletter: The Fussy Librarian.  They make sure you sign up and get the books YOU want. They also have 2 lists; one list is for bargain eBooks and the other is for mainly free eBooks.  Pick the genres you like, the days you want to receive e-mails, and away you go!  Yes, you can pick what days you want the newsletter!  If daily is too much you can pick any combination of the days of the week!  AWESOME!


I would like to note that many of these offer their books on multiple platforms (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google, etc) so don’t worry about how you’re reading an eBook, there will be books for you within these newsletters!!  Do you know of another newsletter?  Let me know about it in the comments!  Are you a member of any of these?  Tell me how much you love them and which one YOUR favorite is!  I tried to be as all encompassing as I could be and for research sake, I am on every single one of these lists.  I have created a monster of a Kindle library (thanks to these newsletters) and just need about 1,000 years to read all the books I have now!  At least I can say I will never not have a book to read or a plethora to choose from!  Next Sunday will be Part 5 in the series: Kindle Unlimited.  Happy Sunday!



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