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I have seen a lot of buzz around this book so when I was on a trip to Costco and saw this, I had to pick it up!

This was a hard book to read. I had to remind myself that it was a work of fiction. Despite it being a work of fiction, I know this story is the truth for some young women out there and it is absolutely heartbreaking.

This is the story of Vanessa and her relationship with Jacob Strane…her high school English teacher. This is told in 2 parts, 2000 when Vanessa is in high school and 2017, when the waves of allegations again men (#metoo movement) is picking up steam. Vanessa is contacted by a woman who knows of her and wants her to tell her story of when she was sexually abused by Jacob Strane to help her story gain tread. There’s just one problem…

Vanessa believes she was always in a loving, committed relationship.

As the timeline goes back and forth you see how her relationship with Jacob Strane unfolds and you can see how it has affected her in her present life. It is a sad, dark, disturbing yet poignant read. It truly hits such an emotional level that wears on you.

There are scenes in this book that are grotesque and hard to read. I am glad the author included them as that is part of the narrative of these situations. Yes this is a sensitive subject, but I also feel like this is a story that needs to be told as it may help some women out there. I almost wanted a follow up for Vanessa, even though she is a fictional character, to see how she is doing now.

5 stars.  This is just a brilliant read. It is one that will definitely get conversations going. It left me drained and needing a moment when I finished it. A must read.


Title: My Dark Vanessa

Author: Kate Elizabeth Russell

Genre(s): Fiction, Contemporary, Adult Lit

Publisher: William Morrow

Release Date: March 10, 2020

Find it here on Goodreads


Sundays In Bed With… #Books #ReadMe #Reading #MomsWhoRead #Sunday

I discovered this meme thanks to Jill’s Book Blog.  This meme is all about what book you are reading today!!  So let’s all talk about what book we currently have in our hands! This meme is hosted by Midnight Book Girl.

Physical Book: My Dark Vanessa (Costco find another I saw everyone raving about it)

EBook: Paris Never Leaves You (ARC via Netgalley)

What are you reading today??