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As I was reading The Guest Book by Sarah Blake I came across an Instagram post from my cousin and realized she would probably LOVE this book.  The only problem is she lives in Boston, 2,730 miles away from me.  Rather than leave this advance reader copy in a Little Free Library, I decided I’d ship it off to Boston!  *cue Dropkick Murphys music now*


Then the idea hit me.  Why not create a mini guest book of sorts within the book itself?




I asked her to add my name and my grandmother’s name next to our locations, that makes it more guestbooky.  I left my Instagram (IG) handle in the book so hopefully I will be tagged in all the places this work of historical fiction has been read!  Maybe it will be a flop and maybe it will be a semi-hit with at least a few posts on IG as to where it ends up being read.  Maybe I’ll be sending more books across the country to friends once I’m done reading them and my local reading circle has finished them.  This is probably something I’ll definitely do with any physical advance reader copy books I get as you cannot resell them.  I would hate for them to go to waste just collecting dust on my shelf!


What do you think of this idea?  Hey…maybe I’ll end up sending YOU a book!