Pre-Ordering Books

When and where do you decide to pre-order books?  I am a bargain hunter and I really hate spending a lot of money.  There are a few exceptions to the rule and occasionally I will splurge on a new book.  Usually I will use the library, eBay, or used book stores for my reads, but every now and then I’ll get that crisp new book.


I recently had a bad experience with Amazon and a pre-order.  I had pre-ordered The Nanny by Gilly MacMillan.  It was slated to be released in June; however, the release was pushed back to September.  I had it on pre-order and had locked in a steal of a price.  The date was never changed on the order I had and so the day after the original release I get an e-mail saying it was cancelled.  What?  So to customer service I go and the rep was trying to tell me it was from a 3rd party vendor (and she linked me to a page where it was available, very odd) and they can’t honor the price and all this other nonsense.  Lesson learned, I will screen shot my future pre-orders from Amazon.  I escalated the issue and ended up getting a credit of the difference in the prices (I was just irritated as to why they created a whole new listing, it was a mess) and then decided…I’ll pre-order a different book.


Don’t worry, I have the order on screen shot, haha.  I have been DYING for the next winter in paradise installment from Elin Hilderbrand so instead of pre-ordering The Nanny again, I went with What Happens In Paradise.  A co-worker introduced me to this series and she’s retiring so I’m carrying the torch with our reading circle and will buy this one for immediate consumption when it is finally released.  Haha.  This is one of those books I can’t wait for.  I can wait for The Nanny, no big deal, but not this one!


So what determines how you pre-order a book, if you ever pre-order.  Favorite author?  Reviews?  For me, we were left at such a cliffhanger…I honestly think I think about this book DAILY.  I know a lot of your order books often and I’m just curious as to what makes you pre-order a book and when you wait.  Let’s discuss!!