First Line Friday

My first First Line Friday courtesy of Hoarding Books Blog.  I discovered this magic thanks to Crystal at Must Love Reviews, a blog I started to recently follow.  This week I picked a book from my Netgalley shelf that I just started reading.  Side note, props to me for actually picking a book from my post My Top 5 Kindle Books To Read In 2019!


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First Line:


No regrets.  Stupid name for a signature cocktail.  Brears had found the recipe online, this tequila-Baileys thing.  Seven shots plus the deejay speeding everything up plus the pink wine Leanza had drink before the ceremony were killing her bladder.


Ok, maybe I went beyond just the first line, but, I’m new to this so forgive me.  Make sure you check out Hoarding Books Blog and drop me a line with what you are currently reading right now!  PS, do we think drinking is heavily involved in this read?