Book Review: The Night Before

*blows dust* WHAT?!?!? A book review?!? You know what…it’s long overdue for myself to get back in the saddle. Why? I’m tired of reading books and then forgetting what they’re about…haha. But, honestly I have a HUGE backlog of books I have read and I MISS blogging about them. So…hopefully I will stick with it a little longer. I don’t plan on posting as often as I used to, but I am definitely aiming for weekly posts!!!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for my advance copy of The Night Before in exchange for my honest review! (Oops, I’ve had this book for 3 years…I am so, so sorry it took me THIS long to read it, I wish I picked it up sooner!!!!!)

Wow. The Night Before opens up with a bang. Laura is plagued by a murder from her high school years that she is adamant she didn’t commit (even though not everyone may truly believe her).

Laura moves from New York City after a sudden breakup into her sister’s home, in her hometown. She thought she left everything behind and finds herself back here. Laura decides to jump back into dating and her sister, Rosie, thinks it is a bad idea.

Walker takes us through an alternating timeline, Laura in therapy, Laura on her date, and her sister after her date. There were twists and turns and a shocker I did not see coming. When I stopped and reflected on the book, I smiled. It was just THAT good.

I loved the alternating timelines. We hear from Laura in realtime on her date (which was in the past) and then immediately get thrown into the present with Rosie and what is going on there. This kept me hooked and kept me up past my bedtime!!!

4 stars.  SOLID read, great thriller. I never saw one specific part of the book coming…it was a total shock. I love how the book ended and everything came into place. My heart broke a little for Laura, but in the end, I am happy with how things turned out for her!

Title: The Night Before

Author: Wendy Walker

Genre(s): Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: May 14, 2019

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End Of Month Netgalley Update

I have read AND reviewed SIX books this month for Netgalley (I doubled what I did last month)!!

My feedback ratio is currently 70%. Last month it was 66%…I know…6 more books, how did it only go up so little…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I may have added some more books to my shelf. I KNOW! I KNOW! Someone slap my hand now…

What I read and reviewed this month…

What I plan to read next month (including one I am SOOOO close to finishing, grrrr)…

I’m giving myself a goal of 6 this month…let’s see if I stick to it (I strayed a little last month, haha). Are you on Netgalley? What are you reading on there??

Book Review: Feels Like Falling @kristywharvey @GalleryBooks #NGEW20

Thank you to Netgalley and Gallery Books for the advance reader copy of Feels Like Falling in exchange for my honest review!

This was my first novel by Kristy Woodson Harvey…but it won’t be my last! In this novel we meet two women both going through challenging times in their lives. Gray, going through a divorce and trying to keep her company in her hands and Diana, recently left her boyfriend and lost her job, just trying to make ends meet.

I loved how these two entwined together. The story is told through both Gray and Diana so we see their perspectives on things going on. At first it was interesting, how would Gray and Diana mix, and then we find out. Gray went in to pick up pictures that Diana developed (her job) and complained about the quality and ultimately Diana loses her job. Diana shows up at her doorstep and in a weird way, they become dependent on each other.

It’s amazing how sometimes people from different walks of life can balance each other out. Gray was missing things in her life, especially after she lost her mother recently, and Diana filled those holes. It was also interesting to see how Diana needed Gray, despite her tough as nails, I take care of myself persona. This really was lovely.

The writing in this book was fantastic. I could feel the gentle breeze caressing my face as I imagined I was sitting on the back porch, just taking in the breathtaking views of the water. I loved how both Gray and Diana had their own romantic interests. This was a sweet, I have my fingers crossed for everyone, novel that I could not put down.

4 stars.  Absolutely loved the end and I loved the growth each woman shows throughout the read. That was the most enjoyable aspect of this book, it was not just a story, but something you could really see happening. There were also a few loud out parts as well!! This is a perfect summer read!


Title: Feels Like Falling

Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey

Genre(s): Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Southern

Publisher: Gallery Books

Release Date: April 28, 2020

Find it here on Goodreads

End Of Month Netgalley Update

I have read AND reviewed THREE books this month for Netgalley!!

My feedback ratio is currently 66%. I keep being tempted by book tours that I keep getting invited on where the book is through Netgalley…I have slowed down, it’s motivating me to read more and more of my Netgalley shelves…

What I read and reviewed this month…

Here’s what I plan on reading AND reviewing (I may have read some of these, but I have not reviewed them yet) NEXT month…

I have faith in myself to knock out EIGHT books in July…wish me luck…at least if I get through 5 I will be THRILLED!

Netgalley Top Reviewer! @Netgalley #ARC #Reviews #BookBlog #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe #BookReview

I logged in to my Netgalley account and was shocked to see I had a new badge…


WHAT?!?!  I learned that you get this badge when 3 or more publishers have used your review on the title page of the book!!  How exciting!!

My reviews made it on the title pages of I Will Make You Pay by Teresa DriscollThings You Save In A Fire by Katherine CenterSlay Bells by T.C. Wescott, and Transgressive by Rachel Anne Williams.  The links are to my blog posts which show the reviews.  I am honored that these publishers enjoyed my honest reviews!

In case you aren’t familiar with Netgalley, it is a website dedicated to gathering honest reviews of advanced reader copy books.  It is all digital so you only get a copy of the book electronically to read on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.  The site is addicting and can get you in trouble…like myself who is so far down the rabbit hole of books, haha. I am still at a 62% feedback ratio, I will hit that 80% this year!!  2020 is my year to reach 80%!

Do you use Netgalley?  Do you enjoy it as much as I do??  (P.S. I’m taking the Kansas City Chiefs with the under for today’s big game! )

Book Review: The Mother-In-Law @SallyHepworth @MacMillanUSA @StMartinsPress #TheMotherInLaw #Netgalley

Thank you to Netgalley and MacMillian USA for my advance copy of this book.  I am so terribly sorry my reviewed has been delayed, but I’m here with it now!

I just want to note that my husband was reading a magazine where The Mother-In-Law is featured as a book to read this summer…he made sure to let me know about this book because I had to go out and get it to read it…I let him know I already read it and he was right, I did love it!

Lucy meets Ollie, falls in love, and hopes to gain a mother since her own mother died when she was young.  Lucy gets everything except a mother…from the get go Diana, Ollie’s mother, does not like Lucy and makes no qualms about it.

They have a strained relationship.  When Lucy births her first child, Diana puts priority in helping a refugee instead of being there for her family…so you get the idea of the type of person Diana is.  Yes, I loved hating her as I read this book.

A weird thing happens though…toward the end of the book I absolutely love and respect the relationship that Diana and Lucy have.  Is it a good one?  No.  It is one that is oddly filled with trust and some respect.  Yes.

Overall this story tells a tale of a mother who has all the means in the world, but refuses to help her own children.  She has a charity where she works with refugees from other countries and that is where her passion and assistance lay.  This starts to cause a rut between her and her children and well…you just need to read it.

The ending.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating an ending where we see a little into the future with what happens with everyone.  I will tell you, you may think you know who killed who (yes, someone dies), but you will not have pegged who did it.  Or why they did it.

This is a wonderful 4 star read.  It’s a page turning mystery that you won’t be able to put down until you know who did it.  Plus, the strained relationship is a train wreck you can’t help but keep watching.  Pick this book up, you’ll be glad you did!



Title: The Mother-In-Law

Author:  Sally Hepworth

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: April 23, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

Book Review: Cold Day In The Sun

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Cold Day In The Sun!  How much did I like this book?  I read it in ONE day!

This is a young adult novel about a group of hockey players in high school.  Our main character is Holland “Dutch” Delviss.  She plays on her high school’s boys varsity hockey team, and rightfully so, she’s that damn good.  She has always played with the boys (partly due to the fact that she has 3 brothers) and sees nothing wrong with it.

Let’s break this book into 3 parts; a romance, a town trying to be featured for the state’s HockeyFest, and being a woman in a man’s world.

But you know being a woman playing a “man’s” sport comes with its challenges.  Holland faces more roadblocks than any of her teammates.  From people saying she has taken a place on the team away from a boy who deserved it to opposing team members calling her a slut and then intentionally taking her out after she scores a goal.  But let’s face it, this is what girls everywhere face when they want to do something with the boys.

I think about my daughter and how unfair the world can be.  I think about my own experiences.  I took a lacrosse class in college and there was one other girl in it.  We were always the captains and picked the players and were expected to only play against each other.  I took a coaching football class in college as well and was accused by the teacher that I didn’t write my own papers.  How could I know so much about football?  It wasn’t until I took my chicken scratch notes in to show him I did NOT cheat for him to give me the grades I deserved!  Were any of the guys treated like that in class?  No.  I love how this book brings to light the reality of what goes on and I am so happy that Holland is a role model for girls in her town.  She is a true character of what modern day feminism looks like.  I applaud her so much.  She never backs down from the, “why don’t you just play with the girls” and stands up for what is right!

Ok, so I got on a pretty serious note, how about I lighten it up?  HockeyFest.  When HockeyFest comes to town it brings your town’s hockey game to state-wide (and potentially nation-wide) viewing, college & NHL scouts, and all the attention you could imagine.  Guess what it all hinges on…an interview with Holland.

Did I mention there was a romance in this book?  Yes…but the question is, with whom?  Holland has a rule to never date her teammates and that’s a sound piece of advice to give yourself.  Talk about making things complicated…ut oh…Holls made things complicated.

This is a fun, quick read and I found myself cheering Holland on throughout this book.  I felt she helped grow her teammates when it comes to women and how we’re treated and I appreciate that so much.  It is so important for young girls not to be scared to be themselves.  This is a book that isn’t to be passed over for the message it sends everyone.

I am going to give this book 5 stars.   This is absolutely a 5 star young adult novel that I feel would be appropriate for ages 13 and up.  There is some foul language (nothing teens haven’t heard or say themselves) and slightly PG make out scenes (but again, nothing kids in high school aren’t doing).  I would highly recommend this book to any teenage girl who wants to empower herself.  I think the boys would gain something out of the book as well, like, how to treat girls better.  Huge shout out to Holland for bringing sexism out in the open and I applaud her for the changes she makes in her town.  Pick up this book as soon as possible!



Title: Cold Day In The Sun

Author:  Sara Biren

Publisher: Amulet Books

Expected Release Date: March 12, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

Book Review: Once A Liar

Thank you to Netgalley for access to reading Once A Liar in exchange for my honest review!

I don’t think I have ever disliked a protagonist as much I have in this book.  Almost immediately I could not stand Peter Caine; egotistical, disrespectful, liar, cheater, and borderline psychopath are words I would use to describe him, but, I couldn’t get enough.

The book flips between then and now and we follow Peter from a marriage to his law firm partner’s daughter, birth of his son, cheating on his wife, death of his law firm partner, divorce, new girlfriend, death of his ex-wife, and then the death of his side girl, Charlie Doyle.  Did you get all that?

The primary focus of this book is who killed Charlie Doyle, the daughter of the district attorney.  The district attorney who would pimp her out to people to bribe them.  The district attorney who so desperately wanted Peter to join his side and work for him.  The district attorney who wasn’t aware of the affair Peter was carrying on with her, in fact, only his ex-wife knew.  How long had the affair been going on?  Well, let’s just say it hadn’t really stopped…

Peter has no remorse for anything he does and is just so focused on being on top and making money.  The job of being a criminal defense attorney has taken a toll on him and turned his heart into stone.  Someone could absolutely be guilty on all counts, but, Peter would make sure they would walk away without a slap on the wrist.  He even walked away from his own son, never forming a relationship with him.

I had to see how this ended because I had to see SOMETHING happen to Peter Caine.  I found the book to be fairly predictable early on with who killed Charlie.  If *I* could guess who did it, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t predict it.  You guys know I never see endings coming.  The book reaches it climatic part right at the end of the book and gets resolved quickly.  I felt a little conflicted about the end because I ended up hating a lot of people, ha!  That’s all I will say!  I used to feel bad for everyone who knew Peter and then, nope, I take back all of my sorrow I once had for all of you cold, heartless people!

I am going to give this book 3.5 stars which I will round up to 4 on sites like Goodreads and Amazon.  It was pretty predictable and it felt odd to read a book where you can’t stand the protagonist the entire read.  I also felt like the death of Charlie wasn’t justified enough.  I mean, I get it and the whole point of the book was revenge, but, I just didn’t enjoy how the death of an innocent person was used for it.  It felt a little much for me.  Does that make sense?  The writing was great, I just did not particularly care for the way revenge took place.  Have you read this book?  What are your thoughts?



Title: Once A Liar

Author:  A. F. Brady

Publisher: Park Row

Release Date: January 29, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

First Line Friday

My first First Line Friday courtesy of Hoarding Books Blog.  I discovered this magic thanks to Crystal at Must Love Reviews, a blog I started to recently follow.  This week I picked a book from my Netgalley shelf that I just started reading.  Side note, props to me for actually picking a book from my post My Top 5 Kindle Books To Read In 2019!


Amazon Link

Goodreads Link

First Line:


No regrets.  Stupid name for a signature cocktail.  Brears had found the recipe online, this tequila-Baileys thing.  Seven shots plus the deejay speeding everything up plus the pink wine Leanza had drink before the ceremony were killing her bladder.


Ok, maybe I went beyond just the first line, but, I’m new to this so forgive me.  Make sure you check out Hoarding Books Blog and drop me a line with what you are currently reading right now!  PS, do we think drinking is heavily involved in this read?

Top Ten Tuesday

I decided to take part in some of That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Ten Tuesdays this year!  It looks like a fun adventure to go!  This week we are highlighting our top ten most anticipated reads of the first half of 2019!  I listed these in scheduled release order!



The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman

This is scheduled to be released on February 5, 2019.  It is currently sitting as my next read on my Kindle courtesy of Netgalley!



And Then You Were Gone by R. J. Jacobs

I love a good suspenseful novel and this looks lie it will deliver!  Scheduled for release on March 13, 2019.



Lovely Little Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly

This book is scheduled for release on April 2, 2019.  Thanks to her Facebook page I have an advance reader’s copy of this book ready to go!  I am SO excited to read this!!!!



The Night Before by Wendy Walker

I keep hearing so many great things about this novel, it is scheduled for release on May 14, 2019!



The Never Game by Jeffrey Deaver

I read a Kindle Single by him and was hooked, I have decided I want to try a full length novel by him and what better than a brand new book?  This book is scheduled for release on May 15, 2019.



Montauk by Nicola Harrison

Being released just in time for summer on June 4, 2019, this looks like it will be a great beach read!



Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Hilderbrand has quickly become a new favorite author of mine!  This is scheduled for release on June 18, 2019.



Please Send Help by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin

This book will satisfy my book by 2 female authors in my 2019 Popsugar Reads challenge.  I am a huge fan of young adult novels and cannot wait for this to be released on July 16, 2019!



The McAvoy Sisters Book of Secrets by Molly Fader

The title is what draws me in so much!  Scheduled for release on July 16, 2019.



Things You Save In A Fire by Katherine Center

Scheduled for release on August 13, 2019.  This is currently on my Netgalley shelf!


I made sure to link each book to its Amazon page so you can read more about it.  One thing is for sure, I love all their covers!  Yeah, I judge books by their covers, I admit it!  Are any of these on your to be read list for when they are released?!  What do you think of my choices?  What book are YOU looking most forward to being released in 2019?  I can’t wait to chat with you!  Thanks for stopping by!