A Saturday Ramble…I’m back…really! #OwningUp #BookBlog #Blogger #Books

Remember that post saying hey, I’m back?  Then I kinda really wasn’t?  Yeah…I think I jumped the gun.  But seriously, I have my 2020 calendar printed out and I have blogs typed up and scheduled to post.


I did promise myself a few things that have helped me get here…

1) I am not going to go crazy over YOUR posts.  You heard me right…YOUR posts.  What I mean is, I would read all your posts and go CRAZY with my TBR pile.  I would put my books on hold because all the books you were talking about sounded awesome…and they were awesome.  I started to feel like I would be out of the loop if I wasn’t reading all these latest releases right now.  I realize now, who cares?  If I just read all the books everyone else is talking about then I’m not sharing any different books with the world and isn’t that the point of a book blog?  To find great, different books?  Sure, there will always be new releases I’m dying to read and that I will, but I am determined to shrink down the amount of books I have now stashed around the house and dwindle them down…and then buy more, hahahaha.  I am going to promise myself to keep the books you all talk about on my TBR list and then get to them eventually.  Seriously…it has taken a load off!

2) I am not going to kill myself over my blog content.  There are times when I read a lot and times when I read a little.  It’s called life.  I wanted a post EVERY DAY.  That isn’t going to happen anymore.  Sure, it’s something to strive for and if it happens, great.  If I go a day or two without a post, awesome.  I’m not going to look at my stats anymore.

3) I’m going to dedicated a night, one day a week, where it’s me and my computer and work on the blog.  I will use the app to give myself some ideas for blogs and read your posts, but my giving myself one dedicated night where that is all I do, phew, I feel good now.  I get done what I get done and that’s that.  I am behind on writing NINE reviews from last year…and I will get to them when I get to them.  It was ten but I managed to sneak one in before this post.

4) I am not going to worry about reading books my co-workers give me right away.  Before I would let them take place of books I had on deck.  Now they go below deck and I read them after the ones I had planned to read.  I always keep the book I’m reading and the next book I want to read on my stand and these books would plop right above the book I planned.  You don’t realize how sometimes this can take the wind out of motivation to read.  It’s crazy.  And guess what…no one cares if I bring the book in 5 days or 20 days.  We just pass them along in a big circle and they make it back to the original person in a few months.  Why am I stressing?  Stress no more!

It is amazing how sometimes so simple as a blog can make you feel so overwhelmed.  I love reading and I love the book blogging world.  To be fair, I was thrown back in to the middle of my work year with no warning and it took awhile to figure things out and get things to the way I wanted them to be…all the while I was like…books, blog, books, blog.  Now that I’m settled back in, I’m ready.  Truly ready after sitting down with myself and setting some new rules/boundaries.  Side note: my Netgalley shelf is out of control and I am determined to shrink it.  Talk about a whoops…haha…no more requesting until I get through it…now THAT is some motivation!!  Haha.

Have you set any rules up for yourself or gone through something similar with your blog?