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As always First Line Friday comes courtesy of Hoarding Books Blog.  I discovered this magic thanks to Crystal at Must Love Reviews.  This week I am featuring a book I am just cracking open…




HECK YES!  FINALLY I got my hands on Stassi Schroeder’s book!  I cannot wait to read everything in here.  I am a huge fan of Vanderpump Rules and all things related to that show…anyone else a huge Pump Rules fan?!?!?

Slighty Off Topic Saturday: Recent Book Reviews #StarRatings #Book #Reviews #Reading

The first thing I want to address quickly has been my lack of consistent posts…as I have casually mentioned I got hurt at work.  My left hand has been in a cast for the past month and well…it sucks typing with ONE hand.  It makes for very slow typing.  I have had a lot of bones done to some posts so I was able to keep up for a bit…now I’m slowing down.  I’m trying not to let it get it to me!!  If you don’t see a daily post, this is why.  I also haven’t been on here as much…with only having one good hand, it takes me longer to do everything, haha.  I promise I am back tracking and reading all of your posts!!


I have been realizing lately that the majority of my reviews have been 4 or 5 stars.  How is this happening???  Oh, I know…




What do I mean by you?  Well, I follow quite a few of you on here.  There are a select few of you where I know when you rate it highly, I will love it.  There are also some books that EVERYONE seems to talk about in a positive light, it’s hard not to want to read it.  So…I’ve been reading books that you have all been suggesting and wow…I have not picked up a bad one in a long time!!!  I have a stack of 8 books from my local library on my shelf right now…all because you’ve raved about them!!  You guys do a STELLAR job at book recommendations!

Most of the time when I end up with a 3 star rating it’s because it’s an advance copy book…I’ve received it blindly (except for a blurb) and no one else has been blogging about it yet.  I’ll take the occasional meh book if that means I can keep the majority great!!

At first I thought there was something wrong with me and then I realized…I’m just reading books that have been blogged about!  I’m not blindly picking…I’m going hey, that review sounds amazing, I need to read that one.  So, I feel there is really NOTHING wrong with the fact that all my books are rated higher because they’ve essentially all been vetted.  I absolutely love how I love every book I pick up, it makes reading that much more fun!

I’m sure the random people on Goodreads don’t see it that way, but oh well.  If you don’t like my choice of books or rating choices, well then our tastes are different and you probably shouldn’t follow me anyway.

Let’s chat…do you ever feel the same way I do??  How can you possibly always give such high ratings??  Should I branch out and read more books that aren’t talked about?  What do you think??

Sundays In Bed With…



I discovered this meme thanks to Jill’s Book Blog.  This meme is all about what book you are reading today!!  So let’s all talk about what book we currently have in our hands! This meme is hosted by Midnight Book Girl.


Phoebe Miller isn’t sure when the rusty car started showing up in the cul-de-sac she calls home, or why its driver would be spying on her. What could be interesting about an unhappy housewife who drowns her sorrows in ice cream and wine and barely leaves her house?

Only one knows why.

When a new family moves in across the street–the exuberant Vicki, who just might become the gossipy best friend Phoebe’s always wanted, and her handsome college-bound son, Jake, who offers companionship of a different variety–Phoebe finds her dull routine infused with the excitement she’s been missing. But with her head turned she’s no longer focused on the woman in the car. And she really should be…

This book has me thinking all kinds of crazy things about my neighbors…haha…what are you reading today?


Today, we remember.  We honor those 58 sweet souls who are looking down on all of us.  For those of you who may not know 1 October greatly affected my family, friends, and community.  Take a moment to hug those around you and tell the people you love that you love them.  Walk in to a blood bank in your community and donate today.  Be kind.  Love one another.  We are and forever will be…VEGAS STRONG.

May You Forever Rest In Peace


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Kurt Allen Von Tillow

William W Wolfe, Jr.



Vegas Strong Resiliency Center

Book Review: Lock Every Door @riley_sager @DuttonBooks @Hendersonlibs #Thriller #PageTurner #TooGoodToBeTrue #Mystery #BookWorm #ReadMe

I requested a copy of Lock Every Door through my local library and was one of the first few patrons to hold this in my hands!  I love it when that happens!!  I just hope many more patrons after me choose to love this one too!  I was so excited to read this and get this back to the library for the next person’s turn, I didn’t even snap my own pic!!!!



Jules is broke, jobless, heartbroken, and homeless.  Well, she’s crashing on her best friend’s couch while she tries to get her life together.  One day she comes across an ad for an apartment sitter and decides to answer it.  If anything it will get her out of her friend’s apartment and into her own space for a bit.

She ends up in one of the most exclusive apartment buildings in Manhattan.  It is also one of the most mysterious.  Jules finds out she will get $1,000 every week just for living there.  There are some weird rules she needs to follow (no talking to residents, absolutely no visitors, and you must spend every night in the apartment), but for the money, she’s happy to oblige.

Rumors swirl around this building…from disappearances to mysterious deaths.  Her best friend isn’t too keen on her staying here and keeps telling her she will lend her the money, to just leave, but Jules can’t do that.  Oh, what a heart pounding adventure we go on.

I couldn’t fathom what was going on.  It was absolutely bizarre; however, plausible given that we are dealing with New York City elite.  That’s all I will let on and tell you there.  You will have to pick this one up and read it to find out what I mean.  It is a dark and creepy read.  I found myself a little creeped out reading it while I spent the weekend alone.  That’s what I get for reading by myself late at night!  Haha.

Phenomenal 4 star book.  It twisted and turned down a road that just appeared out of nowhere.  I mean…the mind of Riley Sager.  Wow.  Jules gives us something to hold on to as she is bound and determined to find out what is happening in the building she is living in.  Sager knows just how to twist you so you think one thing…but it’s really something else that is happening completely.  What are your thoughts on this one??



Title: Lock Every Door

Author: Riley Sager

Genre(s): Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

Publisher: Dutton Books

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads

Fall Reading Challenge! #ReadingChallenge #Fall #Autumn #FallReading #MomsWhoRead #ReadMe

I came across this at Colletta’s Kitchen Sink.  The rules for the challenge are SUPER easy…here they are…


1.  Decide how many books you’d like to challenge yourself to read this Fall.  It can be 5, 10, 15, 20, …etc.

2.  Create a post about the Challenge telling us how many books you are going to read, if you are picking out certain books you’d like to read or if you are going to freestyle it.  Make sure you put a link back to this Sign-up post so all your friends can join in!

3.  Come back to this post and leave a comment with a link to your sign up post.  

4.  Visit the other participants’ sign up posts

5.  Read, Read, Read!!!!

The challenge itself is from September 1st – November 30th.  I am committing myself to 20 books!  I have been on a book reading kick lately, but I know I will eventually be slowing my pace down, so I hope to be able to read 20 in this span!  If I surpass this goal…GREAT!  If not, just know I tried my darndest!!!  Happy reading and I hope you’ll think about joining this neat little challenge with me!

Book Review: Handle With Care @HelenaHunting @Goodreads @StMartinsPress #Romance #Steamy #MomsWhoRead #BookWorm

Thank you to Goodreads for this advance reader copy of Handle With Care!  Keep entering those giveaways on Goodreads, I promise real people win!


This was my first book by Hunting and I can promise you it won’t be my last!  I laughed out loud and kept hoping the slow burn would turn into something full on…and let me just say that this book certainly detailed the hook up.  Despite the fact that I was reading by myself I am pretty sure I was grotesquely blushing.

Wren is a handler for Moorehead Media where she handles the image and PR for Armstrong Moorehead (the son of the CEO…who is a train wreck).  When Mr. Moorehead suddenly passes away, his widow offers Wren a hefty pay increase and contract extension to stay and be the handler for her other son, Lincoln.

You see where this is going…Lincoln is a do good kind of guy.  He is pulled from his humanitarian builds to come in and try to help run the company.  He fights being involved with Moorehead Media with every ounce of his body.  He also tries to fight off feelings for a certain woman he is working closely with…

I was a little worried that this book would be all about sex; however, despite one scene in this book, that was it.  It isn’t raunchy or completely inappropriate.  I am usually not a fan of romance novels, but this had a different feel.  Almost like it was a family drama with a sprinkled romance story line.

I found myself rooting for Lincoln and Wren and hoped there would be a happy ending.  The drama with his family is what made this book amazing.  Yeah sure, it’s a romance book, but it was refreshing to have drama outside of the relationship.  So often with romance novels the conflicts lay with the couple, but not in this book.  Wren and Lincoln are two AMAZING, caring people that are the reason there is good in this world.

Solid 4 star book.  If you are someone who enjoys a non-mushy romance, brace yourself for one crazy descriptive scene, and dig in to this novel.  Seriously…this surprised me with how awesome it turned out to be!  It’s officially released tomorrow so make sure to snag your copy then!



Title: Handle With Care

Author: Helena Hunting

Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary Romance

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: August 27, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon