Sunday Funday: Spouses Who Don’t Read #Marriage #Reading #Husbands #Wives #Spouse #Bibliophile

Raise your hand if you are married (or dating/in a relationship) to someone who does not read…




If you are in the same boat I am…welcome aboard!  If you happen to be in a relationship where the two of you enjoy reading, well, la-di-da (KIDDING, but I am super jealous!!!!!).

I will say, my husband is supportive of my reading and he doesn’t give me (too much) crap about it.  When we go out in our travel trailer he will even take the kids out so I can get a few hours in, alone, of reading time in the outdoors.  I get the occasional…why are you buying another book, you have so many already…but then I also get the, hey I saw this book you need to read it (few & far between)

I also enjoy sliding a book into our Amazon account.  He has turned into an Amazon freak!  He is always buying something!  I have started to place some books I really, really, really, REALLY want in the cart (thanks to all of your freakin’ amazing reviews I read daily) and I just leave them there.  When he goes to buy something he just leaves it there and VOILA, new book!  Just remember, technically *I* didn’t buy it…he could have taken it out of the cart, but he kept it in and bought it.  I just have happened to be putting in all pre-orders so I have yet to physically get a book…I am going to be surprised when they all finally show up, hahahaha.

I would love it if my husband would pick up a book and read, but for now at least I’m enjoying getting lost in a good book.  Anyone else out there like me?  What do YOU do?