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ūüė¶¬† Here are we are to Part 6 of my Amazon & The Kindle series!¬† This is my LAST one in this informational series!!!!¬† I hope you have learned a new thing or two with your Kindle device!¬† This week we are focusing on…if you reside outside of the United States, please read on because there ARE options for you too!!

Your Local Library & Your Kindle




Here is where having a Kindle and a library card can become DANGEROUS.  The first thing you need to do is get yourself a local library card.  Consult with your local library and see what services are offered through them.  Each library district is different with what they offer, I will be going over the most popular options and what exactly they are.  Bottom line, they are SIMPLE to use with your Kindle!!  Even my 80+ year old grandmother can check out library books to her Kindle!

*Let me interject here.¬† Some library districts are small and do not offer a lot.¬† I am going to highlight a few public libraries that you can buy a yearly membership to.¬† Some people like to go with these libraries regardless because they have a much bigger library to choose from.¬† I am lucky enough to have 2 library districts in my area that I am a member of and I have found what my smaller district does not have available in an ebook format, the larger one does.¬† Check with your local library first and see if they have any reciprocal or sister libraries you are eligible to borrow from too!¬† These are just a few options…

Orange County Library System (Florida) 3 months $75, 6 months $100, 1 year $125 (They allow membership to lose who live OUTSIDE of the United States as well!)

Brooklyn Public Library (New York) 1 year $50

Free Library Of Philadelphia  1 year $50 (They also allow membership to those who live OUTSIDE of the United States as well!)

Fairfax County Library (Virginia) 1 year $27

Check this blog out for even more options!

**Side note…I would love to have the ability to borrow from a library in England/Europe/Overseas (because you guys get a lot of books over there first that I want to read) so if anyone knows of any libraries like these, PLEASE reach out and let me know!

Let’s move on to the actual ways you will borrow from the library now…my favorite…


Overdrive is one of the main borrowing systems libraries use for ebooks.¬† They have a website and app you can use and your local library usually has a link set up on their website to their Overdrive library.¬† From there you can browse around.¬† You will use your library card and password to log in to Overdrive so make sure all of that is set up with your local library first!¬† Now…Overdrive has an app, but I don’t find it to be user friendly.¬† The also have Libby (presented by Overdrive) which is SUPER easy to use!¬† You can download it to your device and log in with your library credentials.¬† I have 2 libraries connected to my account and bounce back and forth between them.

On one side of the app is your shelf, which shows what you have borrowed and you can look at your holds shelf for what you have coming.¬† On the other side is the library side where you can search and find ebooks and audiobooks.¬† The audiobooks read right through the app, it’s easy and magical.¬† This is what I showed my grandmother to use and guys…she doesn’t need ANY help to navigate it.¬† That’s how easy it is!!!!¬†Here is a quick look at the inside of my account just so you can see how pretty it looks…


Once you have a library book checked out to you, you will click on it and it will take you right to the Amazon website where you can check out the book to borrow.¬† Most libraries let you choose how long you want the hold for (7 days, 14 days, 21 days) so make sure you pay attention to that detail!¬† Once your hold is up the ebook will automatically go back to the library, no late fees!!¬† I do check my books back in early through Libby and AGAIN through Amazon (I go to and select the book and click on return, sometimes the book won’t go back to your library early unless you do this, you’ll get a note on your Kindle with the book saying return ended and you can just delete that off your Kindle and it’s off for good).¬† Just a helpful tip for returning through Overdrive!


Next there’s Hoopla…


Hoopla’s biggest perk?¬† There’s NO waiting period¬†(unlike with Overdrive and the more popular books)…everything that is available in the library is available to you IMMEDIATELY.¬† The selection is not as big with the latest releases, but you can borrow so much MORE through Hoopla…the Hoopla app is available on iOS, Android, AND the Amazon app store.¬† You can access it via Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.¬† Why would you need all that?

Because you can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and television!!¬† WOW!¬† My local library allows me to borrow 8 items a month.¬† The only downside is everything is done through the app so I can’t take the ebook I borrow and read it on my Kindle Paperwhite, I have to read it on a device that has the Hoopla app on it (it would work on the Kindle Fire tablet).¬† They even have a kids area to the app (which my kids LOVE) to explore.¬† They enjoy checking out movies and shows…just be careful of your library’s limit!!!¬† Even if you return items, you are only allowed that amount to be checked out each month!¬†¬†


That’s really all I wanted to highlight as those are the 2 most popular eborrowing tools with public libraries.¬† Check with your local library to see what they have to offer.¬† My local library also offers extra services such as a free membership to Creativebug and the children’s learning program Socrates.¬† Support your local library!!¬† Please let me know if you have any other questions about any eborrowing abilities or if your library has a really neat feature.

I hope this series has helped you unlock the potential in your Kindle.¬† To recap all the series posts…

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Happy Sunday!!!!!!

Amazon & The Kindle: Part 5 Kindle Unlimited #Amazon #Kindle #KU #Ebooks #KindleUnlimited

Here are we are to Part 5 of my Amazon & The Kindle series!  I hope you are enjoying all of this information week in and and week out.  After this part, there is only one more part to my series left!


Kindle Unlimited



Personally, I do not subscribe the $9.99 a month to Kindle Unlimited.¬† I have a crazy huge Kindle library thanks to¬†Amazon & The Kindle: Part 4 #FreeNewsletters¬†and my local library with the Libby/Overdrive app (to be featured NEXT WEEK), so I would probably never read enough to justify the $9.99 a month!¬† It does not mean it won’t be worth it for you!


You can browse books in the Kindle store and if you see Kindle Unlimited above the book title it means it is within the Kindle Unlimited library.  Essentially you are paying $9.99 a month for the ability to borrow up to 10 books at a time.  You do not get to keep them and once you stop paying the monthly fee you lose access to all of those books.


They offer a 30 day free trial so you can try it before you start to commit to it.¬† Authors get paid by the pages you read, so that is how they make their money when they offer their books to the Kindle Unlimited library.¬† A few times a year Amazon will offer a 3 month subscription for 99 cents and that’s an even BETTER deal.¬† They just had this offering a few weeks ago so in another few months (probably around Black Friday) I would assume they’ll be offering it again!


Are you a member of Kindle Unlimited?  Do you enjoy it?  Any other questions?  Reach out and I will do my best to answer them!  I hope this helped you decide if Kindle Unlimited could be right for you!  Next Sunday will be my last installment of my Amazon & The Kindle Series, Your Local Library & Your Kindle.  This will be an absolutely amazing discovery if you did not already know how much your local library can offer with Kindle!!!!!



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Amazon & The Kindle: Part 4 #FreeNewsletters #Free #Kindle #FreeReads #Amazon #FreeEbooks #Ebooks

I have previously done a post on this over at Book In The Bag where I would do weekly guest blogs.  Not much has changed as far as my discovery of free newsletters has gone, so aside from a little updating, it will be pretty similar!



The focus of today’s post is FREE EBOOKS!¬† Yes, 100% (and even access to some cheap reads) ebooks you can download to your Kindle (and yes, other ereaders).¬† I find some of these are repetitive, but hey I won’t turn down a free book!


Newsletter: Book Bub

Web Address:

My Thoughts: This was the first eBook newsletter I was exposed to.  They offer a few free ones here and there (not as many as other newsletters), but have many offerings from 99 cents to $3.99, great deals!


Newsletter: Freebooksy

Web Address:

My Thoughts:¬†This is my¬†favorite¬†newsletter.¬† This newsletter is always filled with 100% free books.¬† You just need to make sure you read it on the same day because the books are usually only free for one day!¬† I LOVE the format of their email too, it’s very eye pleasing!


Newsletter: Voracious Readers Only

Web Address:

My Thoughts:¬†¬†You sign up with your e-mail and mark off the genres you enjoy (you can always change these later).¬† The send out individual e-mails when they get a new book and you can click on the link and then get the free eBook.¬† Many times when you click the link you are also signing up for the author‚Äôs mailing list.¬† I don‚Äôt feel they send out too many e-mails and they offer different ones I haven‚Äôt seen on any other newsletters.¬† They DO expect feedback on the books you select to read…you can’t just hoard these on your ereader and expect to read them at your leisure.¬† Only agree to read a book if you’re going to start it soon and will give them a small review!


Newsletter: Ereader News Today

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Again, you sign up with your e-mail address and select the genres you wish to receive.  Remember, don’t limit yourself, maybe you’ll find a book in a new genre you’ll fall in love with!  They offer free and heavily discounted priced books!  I love the ability to pick the genres I want in my newsletter.


Newsletter: Early Bird Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Early Bird Books offers great discounts on popular reads!  Yes, on occasion they have some big name authors!  If you’re looking for a deal, this is the newsletter for you.  This will have more bestsellers priced usually from $1.99 to $3.99 (and occasionally free).


Newsletter: Many Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Many Books offers a website filled with free eBooks, as well as a newsletter, which highlights free and discounted eBooks. I am not really a fan of this newsletter and I’m not sure why.  It would be the layout or that I don’t find many eBooks I’m interested in. But it is still something to take a look at.


Newsletter: Book Adrenaline

Web Address:

My Thoughts: This is for all my fellow thriller and mystery lovers out there!!  Book Adrenaline offers free and discounted mystery and thriller books.  You will not find any other genres here.  I love mysteries and thrillers so this is right up my alley.  I have put so many books from here on my amazon wish list I have yet to figure out when I will read all these books!


Newsletter: Pillow Talk Books

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Where are all my romance lovers?  This is a newsletter just for romance books!  They sent out a daily newsletter with cheap and free romance books.  If romance is your genre of choice, you definitely need to sign up for this newsletter!


Newsletter: Bookzzle

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Another newsletter for free & bargain priced fiction and non-fictions reads.  You cannot pick and choose what genres you are interested in, they just send you a newsletter with the deals for the week!


Newsletter: The Fussy Librarian

Web Address:

My Thoughts: Last but not least, my other absolutely favorite newsletter: The Fussy Librarian.  They make sure you sign up and get the books YOU want. They also have 2 lists; one list is for bargain eBooks and the other is for mainly free eBooks.  Pick the genres you like, the days you want to receive e-mails, and away you go!  Yes, you can pick what days you want the newsletter!  If daily is too much you can pick any combination of the days of the week!  AWESOME!


I would like to note that many of these offer their books on multiple platforms (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Google, etc) so don’t worry about how you’re reading an eBook, there will be books for you within these newsletters!!  Do you know of another newsletter?  Let me know about it in the comments!  Are you a member of any of these?  Tell me how much you love them and which one YOUR favorite is!  I tried to be as all encompassing as I could be and for research sake, I am on every single one of these lists.  I have created a monster of a Kindle library (thanks to these newsletters) and just need about 1,000 years to read all the books I have now!  At least I can say I will never not have a book to read or a plethora to choose from!  Next Sunday will be Part 5 in the series: Kindle Unlimited.  Happy Sunday!



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Book Review: Mine @Court_Writes @Netgalley @GalleryBooks #Revenge #Infidelity #Unfaithful

Thank you to Netgalley and Gallery Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!

The author penned a letter to readers on Goodreads and I would like to copy that and put right here for you to read….

Dear Reader,

Before you begin reading this story, I should tell you… this is about every wife’s worst nightmare.
You think it can never happen to you.
It can.
You think you’re impervious to it because you do your best to keep your husband happy.
You’re not.
Trust me, I know.
The title of this story, MINE, has a double-meaning.
Ethan is Tessa’s, so from her point of view, MINE is self-explanatory.
But also… this story… is mine.
At least, parts of it.
My husband was unfaithful. It was a crazy circumstance, a perfect storm of irony and tragedy. It gutted me and brought my world down around me in bits and pieces.
When something like this happens to you, your mind plays tricks on you and turns you into someone you aren‚Äôt. I can‚Äôt tell you how often I fantasized about terrible things after I found out about the affair— things I would never truly act upon.
Then, one day, I decided to write this story. To unleash the darkness that dwelled in my heart, the things I would never actually do, in a cathartic way to channel my anger.
I’ll let you wonder and decide where reality ends and my dark fantasies begin in this story.

After reading Mine let me tell you what I will never do…and that is to cross Courtney Cole *insert wow face here*. I hope writing this novel was therapeutic for her!

The story is about Tessa, who discovers her husband of 20 years has been having an affair with a young bombshell.¬† She takes the opportunity when her husband is out of town to trap the mistress at her house.¬† How?¬† She sends her a text from her husband’s iPad he left open at home (where she discovered nude pictures and messages).¬† The mistress comes in, finds notes “he” left her, and ends up handcuffing herself to his bed, just waiting for “him…”

The book is told through the perspective of Tessa, the wife, and Lindsey, the mistress.  I loved how the story was told in present time with Tessa and Lindsey in the same room with going back to the recent past to tie in to what Lindsey was telling Tessa.  At first I felt bad for Tessa, then bad for Lindsey, then really bad for Tessa, and nothing for Lindsey.

I spent most of this book thinking that Tessa is going to end up in jail, if not prison.¬† She goes a little off the wall.¬† Tessa is very intense.¬† Then, the book takes an odd turn.¬† Suddenly Lindsey is free from being handcuffed to the bed and when you think bloodshed would occur, it doesn’t.¬† It almost becomes too surreal and it loses the oomph it had in the beginning.¬† We went from crazy intense to all of a sudden we’ve worked through being the wife and the other woman in a matter of mere hours??¬† It just seemed unrealistic for what was happening at the beginning.

This was an OK read, very fast paced.¬† I read this book rather quickly and it’s very easy to follow.¬† I think any woman faced with finding her husband in an affair would want to do what Tessa did.¬† I just don’t think I would ever be as gracious as Tessa is in the end.¬† You’ll have to read this one and be the judge for yourself.



Title: Mine

Author:  Courtney Cole

Publisher: Gallery Books

Release Date: May 28, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

May Wrap Up


That is the amount of books I read during the MONTH of May!!!¬† Don’t ask me how that happened, but I’ll take it!¬† Here are my stats…

4: Ebooks

6: Physical Books

3,395 pages

I have fallen behind, so behind, on all my reviews of what I’ve read so expect my blog to be jammin’ with some content this month!¬† Thankfully I have the time off where I can play catch up!!¬† Here’s a collage of what I read…


What did you read in May?  Have you read any of these or are any on your TBR???  Drop me a line and let me know!

Book Review: The Mother-In-Law @SallyHepworth @MacMillanUSA @StMartinsPress #TheMotherInLaw #Netgalley

Thank you to Netgalley and MacMillian USA for my advance copy of this book.¬† I am so terribly sorry my reviewed has been delayed, but I’m here with it now!

I just want to note that my husband was reading a magazine where The Mother-In-Law is featured as a book to read this summer…he made sure to let me know about this book because I had to go out and get it to read it…I let him know I already read it and he was right, I did love it!

Lucy meets Ollie, falls in love, and hopes to gain a mother since her own mother died when she was young.¬† Lucy gets everything except a mother…from the get go Diana, Ollie’s mother, does not like Lucy and makes no qualms about it.

They have a strained relationship.¬†¬†When Lucy births her first child, Diana puts priority in helping a refugee instead of being there for her family…so you get the idea of the type of person Diana is.¬† Yes, I loved hating her as I read this book.

A weird thing happens though…toward the end of the book I absolutely love and respect the relationship that Diana and Lucy have.¬† Is it a good one?¬† No.¬† It is one that is oddly filled with trust and some respect.¬† Yes.

Overall this story tells a tale of a mother who has all the means in the world, but refuses to help her own children.¬† She has a charity where she works with refugees from other countries and that is where her passion and assistance lay.¬† This starts to cause a rut between her and her children and well…you just need to read it.

The ending.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating an ending where we see a little into the future with what happens with everyone.  I will tell you, you may think you know who killed who (yes, someone dies), but you will not have pegged who did it.  Or why they did it.

This is a wonderful 4 star read.¬† It’s a page turning mystery that you won’t be able to put down until you know who did it.¬† Plus, the strained relationship is a train wreck you can’t help but keep watching.¬† Pick this book up, you’ll be glad you did!



Title: The Mother-In-Law

Author:  Sally Hepworth

Publisher:¬†St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: April 23, 2019

Find it here on Goodreads and Amazon

Back At The Library #hendersonlibraries #friendsofthelibrary #bibliophile

Well, today was the day…I walked back in to my local library, paid my embarrassingly high fine, and walked out WITHOUT a book for myself!¬† The restraint is REAL today guys!


Because my fine was so high I opted to get this special edition tote bag because, well, I stayed up way too late last night finishing up Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.¬† This bag is totally appropriate.¬† Plus, I ended up checking out 9 books (5 for my daughter and 4 for my son).¬† Do you think I was going to lug those books around in my arms?¬† Psh!¬† Now, they have a place to stay when they’re at home so we don’t lose any…

I bet you’re wondering how I walked out with no book in my possession…well, wait until you see the stack of books I own that I want to get through this summer.¬† The real reason I finally went down was to start my OverDrive account!¬† I already have 4 books on hold once I got home with tips from my local librarian.¬† Do you use any ebook service through your local library??¬† Tell me all about it, I’m all ears!¬† I cannot wait until my first hold comes out and I can really test this out!