August Wrap Up! #MonthlyReading #ReadMe #Books

WOW!  I had an even more amazing month for myself!!  Are you reading for this?




I’m still out of work at the moment with my injury, so that’s how I was able to read so much!  Let’s break it down!

7 ebooks

8 physical books

5,080 pages

Here they are…


See anything you’ve read or want to pick up yourself?  How did you do for the month of August??


July Wrap Up! #MonthlyReading #Books #Reading #July

WOW!  I had an amazing month for myself!!  Are you reading for my recap of books read???




I still don’t know how I managed that!  Let’s break it down!

7 ebooks

5 physical books

4,337 pages

Here they are…


Did we read any of the same books last month??  Are any of these on your TBR list?  I know, I haven’t gotten all these reviews scheduled on my blog yet…but I promise I always write a review for every book I read!  🙂  What did your July look like?

June Wrap Up!

The good news is I am all caught up with writing my reviews, YES!  They are published/scheduled to be published, woo hoo! Let’s see how many books I read in June…


5 physical books

4 ebooks

3,297 pages

1 book less than May…only 18 fewer pages read than May…I guess I had a few books that were a little bit bigger than my May reads!


I was hoping to hit 10 last month, but I fell just a few pages shy of making it.  Now I have a jump start on this month!  What did you read in June?  Have you read any of these or are any on your TBR???  Drop me a line and let me know!

May Wrap Up


That is the amount of books I read during the MONTH of May!!!  Don’t ask me how that happened, but I’ll take it!  Here are my stats…

4: Ebooks

6: Physical Books

3,395 pages

I have fallen behind, so behind, on all my reviews of what I’ve read so expect my blog to be jammin’ with some content this month!  Thankfully I have the time off where I can play catch up!!  Here’s a collage of what I read…


What did you read in May?  Have you read any of these or are any on your TBR???  Drop me a line and let me know!

February Wrap Up

Well…I read 4 books this month and I feel like I slacked.  Yes, that’s about a book a week but one of these books was a novella.  *sigh* Why can’t my full-time job be less work so I can read more?  To recap my reads this month…



Look for my review of A Woman Is No Man coming soon!  Have you read any of these books?  What did you think about them?

January Wrap Up!


What a better day to recap January than on the day that I hope the team who represents my childhood roots wins.  Care to take a guess at which one that would be?  Moving on now…haha…my total book count for January was 6 books!!  Not bad, I am 2 books ahead of schedule to complete my Goodreads Challenge of 52 books this year!  I also was able to use 5 of these books on my 2019 Popsugar Reading Challenge!  Whoop, whoop!  Now, let’s recap the 6 I read!


The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman: 3 stars

The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley: 5 stars

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: 3 stars

I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll: 5 stars (READ THIS NOW)

Tough Truths by Deirdre Maloney: 5 stars

The Innocent by David Baldacci: 5 stars


Not bad, I thoroughly enjoyed 4 out of the 6 books I read, I will take it!  Here is hoping I can on this pace (or increase it) for February!  Any of these reads on your TBR?