Book Review: An Anonymous Girl

This review was previous published over at Book In The Bag Blog where I guest write a review every Thursday!  I wanted to start 2019 off with a bang and what better way than with my review of An Anonymous Girl??

Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read this advance copy in exchange for my honest review!  This book officially comes out on January 8, 2019, pre-order it today!

As soon as I heard Hendricks and Pekkanen were penning another novel I could not wait to get my hands on it.  The Wife Between Us blew me away (by the way, go get that book NOW if you haven’t read it) and I could not wait to see what else could come out of their 2 minds.  I was not let down.

The story is about a young woman who ends up in a research study to make some extra money.  The research is all about morals and ethics and is put together by a professor at a local, well known university, who should probably have her own morals and ethics checked out.

This psychological thriller is told by Jessica, the young woman, and Dr. Shields, the professor.  They alternate chapters so it gives us a unique perspective and keeps up guessing throughout the novel.  Just when you think this is going to be a predictable read, it’s not.  There are not many twists and turns but enough to keep you interested.  As we get further in to the book the characters grow and show us sides to them you just cannot predict to see.  The book really picks up in the second half after the stage has been fully set.

I will say I was a little let down with the ending.  I expected it to end with some big bang and it just fell flat for me.  It felt rushed at the end and it just, ended.  I did not get the closure I would have liked; however, it does let you know what happens with the relationship Jessica and Dr. Shields have.  I would have like just a little bit more at the end to satisfy myself.

I am giving this book 4 stars.  It keeps you going and guessing.  I did think I had the book figured out before I got to the halfway point.  That’s where the book really picks up and has left you with enough little pieces you have to read to see how they all fit together.  I will say, Greer and Pekkanen sure do have some twisted minds!  I hope they collaborate yet again, these ladies know how to throw you for a loop!  Have you read either of their books??  Let me know if you’ve read either book or if you’re looking forward to this one!


Title: An Anonymous Girl

Author: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: January 8, 2019

ISBN: 1250133734

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My Top 5 Kindle Books To Read In 2019!

So yesterday I discussed my top 5 physical books I am going to read in 2019, today it is all about my Kindle!  I have decided to start a top 5 collection on my Kindle Paperwhite so I can stay organized and focused with what I want to read next!  So let’s take a look at what I have coming in store for me in 2019!




I love my Kindle Paperwhite but it sure doesn’t make for pretty pictures!  Moving on…

Book One: Cold Day In The Sun by Sara Biren

I am a Netgalley user and if you read ebooks I highly suggest you join this site!  Cold Day In The Sun comes out on March 12, 2019 and I am looking forward to this advance read!

Book Two: Identity Crisis by Eliza Watson

You may recognize this book from when I went through 10 Want To Read books on my Goodreads shelf.  I decided to finally pull this book up and read it in 2019!

Book Three: The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman

Another Netgalley advance read, this one coming out on February 5, 2019!

Book Four: Birdbox by Josh Malerman

This book is EVERYWHERE on social media right now!  Amazon had a sale on this for $2.99 so how could I pass this up?!  I look forward to viewing this movie on Netflix shortly after I read it!

Book Five (and I guess Six): The Advocate and The Fifth Juror by Lori Lacefield

Fun fact: I won a giveaway from her where I won a Kindle Paperwhite and ended up receiving a $100 Amazon gift card to buy some ebooks!  I have not read her books yet and I can’t wait to dive in!  I bought her two books as a box set and that’s the last time I’ll do that on Amazon; I can’t separate them!  Ugh!  Oh well, I’ll just have to read them both back to back!


I know a lot of people do a monthly TBR but this way helps me stay focused and not be overwhelmed.  I have my list of 10 books ready to go into 2019 with!  I will read them as I read them and I won’t stress about it!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I will catch you in 2019!

My Top 5 Physical Books To Read In 2019!

I have decided to get my reading on track with laying out the first 10 books I will read in 2019!  I have decided to go with 5 physical books and 5 ebooks from my Kindle.  This post will highlight the first 5 physical books I will be reading!  I will be happy to cross off 10 books from my TBR list, that is for sure!!  (Even though we all know I’ll be continuously adding to it, haha.)



These books are in no particular order and who knows in which order I will read them.  You can come back here to find my review of them once I do read them!  So in no particular order let’s find out how I came across each book!


Book One: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Thank you Amazon.  They had a flash sale on this book so I quickly picked it up for the amazing price of $4.88.  I am in an amazing reading group on Facebook and it seems like everyone on there is reading this book, making me even more exciting to read this book!


Book Two: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

#BookMail I received this advance reader copy in the mail and I cannot wait to read it and then let you all know about it before it is released on February 5, 2019!


Book Three: The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray

Thank you to Berkley Publishing and Penguin Random House for the advance reader copy of this novel. This book officially goes on sale on February 19, 2019 so again, I will be reading and reviewing this before its official release date!


Book Four: A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum

Would you believe me if I told you I won this from a Goodreads giveaway?  This just proves to go ahead and enter any contest of a book you are interested in, you never know if you’ll win!  This also happens to be an advance copy and will officially be released March 5, 2019!


Book Five: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

I really want to watch the Netflix movie.  I *LOVE* reading a book and then watching a movie.  I got this gem off of eBay through a non profit organization called More Than Words.  It arrived in GREAT shape and I cannot wait to read this baby and then settle in for a Netflix and chill night!


What are your top 5 books lined up to read in 2019?  Any of these?  Let me know what else I should add to my list and if you’re excited for any of these books too!