Potential Book Ban Law In Missouri #Law #BookBan #Library #PublicLibrary

This article talks all about a potential new law that Missouri has on the table…the Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act or House Bill 2044.  What this law wants to do is to allow towns to establish a parental advisory board.  The board would consist of 5 community members, voted in, and librarians would not be allowed on the committee, even if they are community members themselves.

They would look at books and determine if they had age-inappropriate sexual content and then if the board decided yes, would ban them from their public library.  My opinion?  What a scary, slippery slope…

I get it, there are topics out there that are controversial and not everyone wants to read about…so…don’t.  If a book doesn’t interest you, don’t read it.  It’s that simple.  Just because I do not want to read a book that has certain content doesn’t mean that you don’t want to…and personally it’s your right to be able to read the book.  The public library is a place for EVERYONE.  Just because someone doesn’t want to read a book, does not mean that someone else in the community might not want to.  That’s what makes the world go round.

If parents are that worried on content their children might read, it’s simple.  Go with them to the library and simply review the book the wish to check out.  Ask the librarian about the content within the book if you aren’t 100% sure.  I just feel like this law could open up the door for other book banning ways…if librarians go against this law they could face up to a a year in jail.  If a library also allows a minor to access a book with “age-inappropriate” sexual content, they could be stripped of their funding.  Again, review what your children want to check out, it is as simple as that.

Book bans are something I have never understood as the solution to the problem is simple…don’t read the book, don’t buy the book, don’t buy any works by the author you don’t agree with…done.  

What are your thoughts about this potential new law????

Back At The Library #hendersonlibraries #friendsofthelibrary #bibliophile

Well, today was the day…I walked back in to my local library, paid my embarrassingly high fine, and walked out WITHOUT a book for myself!  The restraint is REAL today guys!


Because my fine was so high I opted to get this special edition tote bag because, well, I stayed up way too late last night finishing up Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  This bag is totally appropriate.  Plus, I ended up checking out 9 books (5 for my daughter and 4 for my son).  Do you think I was going to lug those books around in my arms?  Psh!  Now, they have a place to stay when they’re at home so we don’t lose any…

I bet you’re wondering how I walked out with no book in my possession…well, wait until you see the stack of books I own that I want to get through this summer.  The real reason I finally went down was to start my OverDrive account!  I already have 4 books on hold once I got home with tips from my local librarian.  Do you use any ebook service through your local library??  Tell me all about it, I’m all ears!  I cannot wait until my first hold comes out and I can really test this out!