Top Ten Tuesday: January 14th #bookish #MomsWhoRead #books #ReadMe #TTT

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s topic is…

Bookish Discoveries I Made In 2019

I had to ponder this one for a little bit…a few I thought I discovered last year, but really it was in 2018.  I didn’t really ramp up my reading game until 2019 so…I think I’m going to include them anyway!!



Netgalley.  Oh boy…this site gets me in TROUBLE.  I have vowed to read and review ALL the books I have from 2019 before I request a single book this year…will I be able to do it?  Who knows…if I got off here and on my Kindle, maybe!  If you are unsure what Netgalley is, it is a site where you can get your hands on advance copies of books in exchange for leaving for honest review.  It is pretty neat!  Just watch how many books you request, they stack up quick!



WordPress.  Now, wait a minute.  I started to blog on WordPress in 2018 on my friend’s site Book In The Bag.  It was in 2019 I decided to start *MY* blog and when I did that, I discovered the world of book bloggers and well…you all keep my TBR list stacked.  Haha.  It is crazy how HUGE the book blogging world is and that has spread across ALL of my social media!!  Thank YOU for showing me the light!  😉



Amazon First Reads.  Who knew how much EXTRA a Prime membership could get you as a reader?!  One free book every month (this month we get TWO) AND our own special library!!  It doesn’t get better than that!  What awesome perks!


I’m a little boring with this…that’s pretty much all I can think of.  I am sure when I go through and read all of your Top Tuesday posts I’ll be like OOOOOOO YEAH and duuuuuuuuuuh.  I can’t wait to read all of yours!  What bookish things did you discover last year?  Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday: May 21st

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Books That I Refuse To Let Anyone Touch

Oh boy…this is a TOUGH topic for me this week because I LOVE to share my books!  I don’t save my books, usually, and once I read them and pass them around my reading circle, I drop them off to a Little Free Library.

There is ONE book that I have recently come across that will not leave my possession and I will NOT lend out.  I am actually debating buying a second copy so I can share it with those around me because I love it so much.  I haven’t reviewed it yet (remember, I am still catching up with all my reviews) so I don’t want to say too much because I want to pour my heart into the review.

Some books touch your heart and leave a forever impression and this book did just that.  I cannot wait to share this book with you (pictures only, I’m telling you I won’t lend it out).  Here it is…


It’s from an indie author who lives in Maine and it’s just magical.  Look for my review to come SOON!  What books will you not let leave your possession???

Top Ten Tuesday: March 12th

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Standalone Books That Need A Sequel

The prompt this week was MADE for me…are you ready?!?

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

 I loved this book.  I know there are a lot of mixed reviews, but, with the population I have worked with over the years I could absolutely see a child doing this.  I am DYING to know what happens to Hannah as she gets older.  DYING.  DY-ING.  Stage knows we want a sequel and I just hope she delivers one day!!!

Into The Hollow by Lynn Vroman

 This was a great young adult novel.  I just want to know what happens to the kids AFTER high school.  They have so much going for them, I need to know what else happens in their future!

A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum

This book was just released and I loved it.  I would love to see where Deya goes in life and see any struggles she faces.  This book focused on Palestinian woman coming to America and I would love to see Rum pen a book about a Palestinian woman adopting more American cultures (while still hanging on to some of her heritage).  We already see her breaking away from the tradition of marriage and I would love to see how her story goes…does she marry?  Does she have a full career?  Oh man…I became attached to Deya!

The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley

 A whirlwind romance.  I loved Sebastian and Tabitha.  I just need more.  I’m a very needy reader and when I fall in love with characters I can never get enough of them!  NEVER!  I’m a member of Kingsley’s advanced reader team and yes, I will keep bugging her until I get another Sebastian and Tabitha story, haha.  The son has to grow up!  See, I already have a plot…will he follow in his father’s footsteps?  Will his aunt step in and intervene?  But I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!!  Go read this book, trust me.

The Silent Patient by Alix Michaelides

   BECAUSE WHAT THE %$&# HAPPENS AT THE END OF THIS BOOK!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW!  He is so damn manipulative it could go either way.  This book was a let down for me and the ending just made it flop for me.  I know a lot love it, I get it, the twist was definitely a good one, but, COME ON!  I love SOLID endings and they just left us to assume!  %@$#@&@(@$*@#^#%@#@%%@$!@


I went with 5 books this week…less than I thought I would come up with.  I get attached quickly to characters and find myself always wanting more.  I can’t help it.  Have you read any of these and agree there should be a second book?  Any other books you’ve read where you think there should be a sequel?  Let me know!

Top Ten Tuesday: March 5th

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With

Ooooh, this is a tough one.  Let’s see…what books would I love to be a part of…after careful consideration there’s only one character I would love to become…

Jessica Reel


Jessica Reel is part of the Will Robie series by David Baldacci.  They both work for the same secret agency and we first meet them when Robie is supposed to kill her.  Spoiler alert, he doesn’t, they team up and actually make a good team.  I would love to go around, spying, and saving the world from dangerous people.  She sounds fun and dangerous…and provided my outcome ends up like hers, I’m ok with switching places with her!  I would love to walk on the dangerous, wild side for a day or two, especially if I had Robie to protect me too!

What character from a book would you like to switch places with?


Top Ten Tuesday: February 26th

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like To Visit

There is only ONE book that stands out in my mind which highlights a place I have actually looked into visiting.  This book made this place sound so magical, I just HAVE to go here…and hopefully one day I will!

The Book…


The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant

The Place…




Lapland is a place in Finland which boasts itself as the place where Santa lives.  The celebrate Christmas like no other place and you can catch the Northern Lights here.  They went here in the book and everything from the hotel to the activities they did just made me want to be here with them, enjoying everything!  Polar nights, snowmobiling, Santa’s Village, reindeer sleigh rides, snowcastle buildings, reindeer races (there are over 200,000 reindeer here), and the Santa Claus post office; it sounds like a truly magical place and one that I hope to cross off my bucket list one day.  Have you heard of Lapland??

Top Ten Tuesday: February 19th

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Books I LOVED with Fewer than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads

*runs to Goodreads* I went through my entire “read” pile and looked at each book I rated 5 stars.  If they had less than 2,000 ratings as of Monday, February 18th, they made this list!  I started each book from the most ratings under 2,000 to the book with the least!  Only 5 made the cut so without further ado…


Wynn In Doubt by Emily Hemmer 1,667 ratings (4.0 star rating) : Women’s Lit, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Mystery


The Elephant In The Room by Tommy Tomlinson 379 ratings (4.43 star rating) : Memoir


The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley 316 ratings (4.56 star rating) : Romance (but not mushy, gushy-contemporary)


The Christmas Wish by Tilly Tennant 282 ratings (4.13 star rating) : Holiday Cheesy Romance


Tough Truths by Deirdre Maloney 35 ratings (4.0 star rating) : Business


Each link will take you to each books’ Goodreads page.  I opted to go the visual route this week and show you each cover as opposed to overloading you with text and giving each description.  Bottom line is…I LOVED ALL OF THESE BOOKS!  They deserve MORE love!  Honestly, I am most surprised that The Christmas Wish had as few reviews as it did, I would have assumed that book would have had a lot more.  I know it was featured on Netgalley so I’m not too sure why it has such few reviews.  What book that you’ve read has surprised you the most with having little ratings on Goodreads?

Top Ten Tuesday: February 12th

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another TTT courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl!  This week’s topic is…

Favorite Couples In Books

Well I can tell you I will not have a list of 10…there are only a handful of couples that come to mind so my list will be short & sweet, but, I am hoping they are some of your favorites too!

Lara Jean & Peter Kaminsky from


I couldn’t help but cheer these two on.  Gosh…I LOVED this series.  These two is what made these three books all that they are.  Man…this may be a trilogy I have to re-read!

Hazel & Augustus from


The only book that has made me cry super ugly, crocodile tears has been this one.  Sure, I have teared up reading other books but none have ripped my soul out from my body like this one did.  *sigh*  This book destroyed me so much I can’t bear the thought of watching this movie!

Maisey & Tony from


I picked this book as an Amazon First Reads and fell in love.  I loved this story about a woman discovering she has a twin sister as her mother passes away (Maisey).  Tony is an all around good guy who is helping her as she comes back to her home town to help with her father.  I was rooting so hard for these two and thankfully King delivers (in more ways than one with this book)!


So…it’s a pretty short Top Ten Tuesday from me.  These are my top loves of books I have read.  Do you love any of these couples as much as I do?  Let me know!